Burger #41 – Smokehouse Burger (Athens)

Given the fact that burgers are such a popular food item, it seems that almost every restaurant nowadays has a burger on their menu. Even some places that specialize in certain foods will sometimes throw a burger on their menu as an option for a potential picky customer. While I’m all about a world full of burgers, this leaves a lot of opportunity for mediocre burgers, and nobody wants that.

One of the places that I was worried that this might be the case was Athens Restaurant. Located at 6273 Quinpool Road, Athens is known for its extensive Greek menu, as well as having a pretty great breakfast selection. I was apprehensive about going here specifically for a burger, but after they had a pretty good showing during Burger Week with their lamb burger, I figured it was only fair to give one of their regular menu items a shot.


From the menu: “6oz local, ground beef patty, BBQ sauce, mayo, smoked bacon, breaded onion ring & Swiss on a kaiser bun”

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