Burger #33 – Old School (2 Doors Down)

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One of the best things about trying all different kinds of burgers, is that I get to find places that become instant favourites. This is definitely the case with 2 Doors Down. Located at 1533 Barrington Street, 2 Doors Down has become one of the most talked about restaurants in the city. During Halifax Burger Week, they killed it with their Steakhouse Slider, and it became the burger of the week for not only myself, but many others. Having already reviewed their Smokehouse Burger, it was time to sink my teeth into the Old School Cheeseburger.


From the menu: “The signature with cheese, kosher dills, and the burger works”

Appearance (7.5/10)

As with the other burgers that I’ve had from 2DD, the first thing you notice is how perfect it looks. The bun and the patty are the perfect size for each other, which is really great because it allows for a nice portion of meat with every bite. I liked the melted cheese dripping down the sides, as well as the generous amount of toppings, all of which made the burger that much more appetizing. Overall, the presentation of this burger was well executed.

Taste (8.5/10)

If it isn’t clear by now, I love this place, and this burger only reinforced that love. The patty, as per usual, was cooked to a perfect medium-well, and was made up of top quality meat that was full of juices and flavour. I loved the use of pickles (all classic burgers deserve a pickle), and there was definitely lots piled on this burger. Every part of this burger played a part, and when it all came together, it was a great take on a classic cheeseburger!

Also, just to note that they did change their ketchup for the fries since I was last here. Not sure if it’s still house-made but I prefer the new ketchup to the old.

Restaurant Atmosphere & Service (8/10)

The majority of times that I have been here we have had to wait about 20 or so minutes to get a table. While this wait time might turn people away, it is totally worth it. It also speaks to how popular this place is, so if there’s a bit of a wait, just get your name on the list and go have a beer somewhere (they take your phone number and call you when your table is ready).

The staff here are awesome, and they are really good at making you feel welcome. Our server was really friendly and offered up her favourites from the menu. The cook that made our burgers came out to serve them himself (it may have been because he is a friend of mine), so shout-out to Sacha, burger-maker extraordinaire!

Cost vs. What You Get (8/10)

The price tag on this burger is $16.50. This is on the higher end of the scale for burgers, but you definitely get what you pay for. They use top quality ingredients which, when cooked by talented kitchen staff, make a really delicious burger that leaves you perfectly satisfied. While this may not be a price you want to regularly pay for a burger, it is definitely worth it to treat yourself!

Overall (8/10)

I’m always excited when I get to write about my experience at 2 Doors Down. They take pleasure in what they create here and it really shows. I love how they cook their burgers like a steak in terms of making sure that it is done to perfection. I’m obviously biased towards burgers, but I’ve also heard great reviews about other menu items. If you haven’t already, I urge you to pay them a visit sometime soon.

2 Doors Down
1533 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS
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