Burger #43 – Porkey & The Beef (Gahan House)

During Burger Week, I had the pleasure of trying a lot of amazing burgers. Some were beautifully simple, while some had the perfect combination of toppings on top of a delicious patty. An example of the latter was Gahan House. Located on the Halifax Waterfront, at 1869 Upper Water Street, Gahan House created an awesome burger that just so happened to make my top 3 of the week. Thankfully, they decided to make the burger a regular menu item, and I figured it was time to go and try the Porkey & The Beef burger again.


From the menu: “House Ground Atlantic beef, local pulled pork, 1772 IPA BBQ sauce, maple white balsamic onion jam, panko fried pickle, local bacon, ADL cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, roasted garlic aioli, Iron Bridge brown ale bun”


Appearance (8/10)

This burger had a really clean look to it, which made it that much more appealing. The bun was the perfect size, and the bacon, which was underneath the patty as opposed to being on top, looked thick and plentiful. The patty itself was a great size, however it did look like it was lacking some crucial juices from being cooked slightly longer than desired. I loved the pile of fresh veggies that this burger included, and I was really excited about the copious amount of aioli that was dripping out the sides (I’m a sucker for the stuff!).


Taste (8/10)

As soon as I bit into the burger, I realized that I had forgotten that there was pulled pork on it. Even though it was hidden under the lettuce, the tender pork was still a important component of this burger. The BBQ sauce that it was soaked in was insanely delicious and gave great flavour. There was a good portion of perfectly cooked bacon, and the onion jam worked really well with all the different meaty tastes that this burger brought forward.

As always, I fell in love with the roasted garlic aioli, and I was really pleased that they gave a decent amount of it. I also loved the texture of the brown ale bun, as it had a tough exterior with a super soft inside. My one complaint with this burger was with the patty itself. The beef used was delicious, and wasn’t at all grisly, but I do feel like it was cooked longer than I would have liked, and that really took away from the tender juiciness of the patty.


Cost vs. What You Get (7.75/10)

The burger costs $16.99, and for the quality that you get, it’s not a bad price. I wouldn’t mind seeing the amount knocked down a bit, but given all the awesome ingredients, including local pork and BBQ sauce made from their own IPA, it’s hard to not want to pay this much for such an awesome burger.

Overall (7.92/10)

I’m originally from Prince Edward Island (where the original Gahan House is), so when they set up on the Halifax Waterfront, I was really excited to have a taste of home where I live now. They have a lot of great options on their menu, and this burger is no exception. It really showcased their ability to offer up awesome flavours and how they are able to bring them all together. The issue I had with the patty is an easy fix for the kitchen staff, and ultimately it wasn’t even a deal breaker for me. This burger definitely gets the LOB stamp of approval!

Gahan House
1869 Upper Water Street, Halifax, NS
Gahan House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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