Burger #34 – Banger Burger (Durty Nelly’s)

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Another warm Summer evening meant it was time to hit up another one of Halifax’s great patios. For this meal, I visited another favourite of mine, Durty Nelly’s. Located at 1660 Argyle Street, this was my first visit back (with the exception of Burger Week) since they changed their menu around. I decided to go with their Banger Burger for this visit.

I have been making some changes with the format for my posts, and I’ve decided to no longer do the “Restaurant Atmosphere & Service” section of my reviews. I feel like this will make it more about the burger, which I assume is the main reason you are here. Feel free to give some feedback on this change or anything else you would like to see. I would love to hear from you!


From the menu: “Ground pork patty, Jameson bacon jam, lettuce, pickle, horseradish aioli”

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Burger #14 – Big Bad Wolf (Ace Burger Company – Bearly’s)

Being the burger lover that I am, I figured it was time to check out a place that has been getting some buzz within Halifax for the burgers that they create. I headed over to Bearly’s, located at 1269 Barrington Street, where the Ace Burger Company has taken over the kitchen with their many different takes on burgers. Having nothing but burgers to choose from, I eventually went with the one they refer to as the Big Bad Wolf.


From the menu: “Roast Pork Belly, Back Bacon, Bacon Marmalade, Beer Mustard, Smoked Gouda, Fried Egg”


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