Burger #51 -The Gatsby (Sims)

While Halifax has a week every year where they celebrate burgers, Prince Edward Island raises the bar even higher by devoting a whole month to the beefy creation. Occurring during the month of April every year, PEI Burger Love has Islanders swarming to participating restaurants to sink their teeth into the various original creations that each location has to offer.

Given the fact that I am from PEI, and my obvious love for burgers, you would assume that I have participated in Burger Love. However, since its debut in 2011 I have yet to be able to make it over for the excitement of it all. Luckily, some restaurants who have a winning burger (as voted by diners) keep their burger on the regular menu so people can go back and enjoy it any time of the year. While home over the Christmas break I seized the opportunity to try the 2014 Burger Love winner, which is titled The Gatsby, from Sims Corner.


“7oz. PEI Beef Patty, maple chipotle bacon, pulled pork, smokey gouda, chipotle aioli & pea shoots”


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Burger #30 – Smokehouse (2 Doors Down)

Halifax may be still recovering from the layer of ice that it was covered in recently, but that doesn’t mean the burger life has to slow down any! As of late, there has been a lot of burger excitement throughout Halifax with the upcoming Halifax Burger Week. The Coast is once again doing their Burger Week from March 19th – 25th, which is a great opportunity to both try some of the best restaurants in the city, as well as stuff your face with as many different burgers as possible. Right now, you can even go on Twitter or Instagram and show your support for who you think should be the Burger Ambassador for the week (maybe a certain Halifax-based burger blogger *wink wink nudge nudge*), which gives two lucky people the chance to cover burger week, and report back to the public all the meaty details!

With Burger Week on the mind, it is a perfect time for me to get my next burger, which just so happens to be #30! For this one, I decided to go with a burger, that is one of the ones that gets most recommended to me, from the downtown restaurant 2 Doors Down. Located at 1533 Barrington Street, 2DD is still a fairly new addition to Halifax, but has received many rave reviews from Halifax diners. After hearing lots of praise for it, I knew it was time to get myself a Smokehouse burger.


From the menu: “We use house ground PEI chuck, brisket, and short rib; smoked gouda, bourbon BBQ sauce, crispy challots, bacon, onion jam, chipotle aioli”


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