Halifax Burger Week 2016 Preview – Part 1

It’s that time of year again! Halifax Burger Week is now less than a week away, and social media is buzzing with excitement. With 59 restaurants participating last year, I didn’t think that this event could get any bigger, but The Coast got to work and they have a whopping 79 restaurants involved this year! With more options to choose from than ever, I wanted to give an early look into some of the delicious burgers that you can sink your teeth into this upcoming March 18th-24th.

I had a great response from restaurants that wanted to be involved, so much so that I’m breaking this ‘Preview Series’ up into multiple parts! For the premiere, I’ve included the Burger Week offerings from Krave Burger, Niche Lounge, and Hali Deli. From what I’ve experienced so far, it’s looking like this year’s Burger Week is going to be extremely tasty! But enough with the talk! Here are the first three burgers in the Life of Burgers Halifax Burger Week 2016 Preview!

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Burger #44 – Pulled Pork Burger (Niche)

First off, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who voted for me for Food Blogger in The Coast’s Best Of Awards. I was both surprised and thankful when I was told I had won Silver, and it means a lot to have people who like reading about my burger endeavors. Big congrats as well to both the Gold winner, Lindsay Nelson (Eat This Town), and the Bronze winner, Kathy Jollimore (Eat Halifax)!

Next burger up comes from Niche Lounge in downtown Halifax. Located at 1505 Barrington Street, Niche is a popular place to grab dinner or a drink, and it is especially popular in the summer when people crowd their large patio to watch various sporting events on the big screen. They have a variety of burgers to choose from, and for this visit, I went with their Pulled Pork Burger.


From the menu: “Fresh ground beef, barbecue pulled pork, smoked mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, homemade chipotle barbecue sauce”

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Halifax Burger Week – Day #2

After a successful Day #1 (despite the weather trying to sabotage that), it was time to move on to Day #2! Joining the Life of Burgers team on the second day was Olivia, Jordan, Drew, Savannah, Ryan, Ian, and Sacha.

Burger #9 – Deli Burger from Rogue’s Roost

Rogue's Roost

The Deli Burger from Rogue’s Roost provided us with another solid start to our day. The coleslaw stole the show, and I really enjoyed how it accompanied the patty of the burger. The creamy crunch that it gave was awesome! The smoked meat was something I have never had on a burger, but it gave a new dimension of meat that was very much welcome. I really liked the texture of the bun, but there was mixed feelings from the others at the table. Overall, this burger should probably be on your Burger Week list.

Drew: “I thought the smoked meat to burger patty ratio would be off, but the portioning was actually perfect”

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