Burger #43 – Porkey & The Beef (Gahan House)

During Burger Week, I had the pleasure of trying a lot of amazing burgers. Some were beautifully simple, while some had the perfect combination of toppings on top of a delicious patty. An example of the latter was Gahan House. Located on the Halifax Waterfront, at 1869 Upper Water Street, Gahan House created an awesome burger that just so happened to make my top 3 of the week. Thankfully, they decided to make the burger a regular menu item, and I figured it was time to go and try the Porkey & The Beef burger again.


From the menu: “House Ground Atlantic beef, local pulled pork, 1772 IPA BBQ sauce, maple white balsamic onion jam, panko fried pickle, local bacon, ADL cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, roasted garlic aioli, Iron Bridge brown ale bun”


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