Burger #62 – Le Nordique (Relish)

It’s been fairly quiet here over at Life of Burgers, due largely in part to an extremely busy work schedule. Working 70 hour weeks for the last 9 months was great for the bank account, but it didn’t really allow much time to get my hands on some tasty burgs.

Luckily, the film season is slowing down now for the year in Nova Scotia, which means I’m ready to make up for some lost time and get down to some burger business!

To get me back on track, I swung by Relish and ordered up Le Nordique, and a Centurion poutine to accompany it!


From the menu: “The Rookie (roasted garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, beet relish) with Swiss cheese, back bacon, dijon, and caramelized onions”


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Burger #19 – Everything Burger (The Argyle)

While a classic burger can be a pretty good time, sometimes you need a burger that sounds so crazy that it may just be super delicious. The Argyle, located at 1575 Argyle Street, has a burger on their menu that is so jam-packed full of toppings that it is borderline outrageous. This burger is appropriately named the Everything Burger.


From the menu: “Egg, crispy onions, Brie, cheddar, smoked bacon, pulled pork, jalapeño, tomato, and roasted garlic mayo”


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Burger #9 – Big Texas (Relish)

Since it had been way too long since my last burger, I decided it was time to go and get burger #9. For this one, I headed over to Relish Gourmet Burgers, which is located at 6024 Quinpool Road, to try one of their many delicious-sounding creations. Many people had told me that I needed to try this spot, so I figured it was time. For this visit, I went with their burger titled Big Texas.


From the menu: “Certified Angus beef, whisky creek BBQ sauce, smoked paprika onion frites, pepper jack cheese, crispy bacon, house-made roasted garlic mayo, signature hand-chopped relish, crispy lettuce and juicy tomato.”


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