Halifax Burger Week – Day #2

After a successful Day #1 (despite the weather trying to sabotage that), it was time to move on to Day #2! Joining the Life of Burgers team on the second day was Olivia, Jordan, Drew, Savannah, Ryan, Ian, and Sacha.

Burger #9 – Deli Burger from Rogue’s Roost

Rogue's Roost

The Deli Burger from Rogue’s Roost provided us with another solid start to our day. The coleslaw stole the show, and I really enjoyed how it accompanied the patty of the burger. The creamy crunch that it gave was awesome! The smoked meat was something I have never had on a burger, but it gave a new dimension of meat that was very much welcome. I really liked the texture of the bun, but there was mixed feelings from the others at the table. Overall, this burger should probably be on your Burger Week list.

Drew: “I thought the smoked meat to burger patty ratio would be off, but the portioning was actually perfect”

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Burger #24 – Swiss & Mushroom Burger (Rogue’s Roost)

One thing that Halifax has a great selection of, is the wide variety of local craft beers that are available to choose from. Many of these local brews have become extremely popular for many Haligonians. One place that contributes to the delicious selection of beer is Rogue’s Roost. Located at 5435 Spring Garden Road, Rogue’s Roost not only brews a great selection of beer, but they also have a pretty tasty menu. Wanting to check off another Spring Garden burger, I went with theirĀ Swiss & Mushroom Burger.


From the menu: “Topped with melted swiss cheese and mushrooms and burger sauce”


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