Halifax Burger Week – Day #2

After a successful Day #1 (despite the weather trying to sabotage that), it was time to move on to Day #2! Joining the Life of Burgers team on the second day was Olivia, Jordan, Drew, Savannah, Ryan, Ian, and Sacha.

Burger #9 – Deli Burger from Rogue’s Roost

Rogue's Roost

The Deli Burger from Rogue’s Roost provided us with another solid start to our day. The coleslaw stole the show, and I really enjoyed how it accompanied the patty of the burger. The creamy crunch that it gave was awesome! The smoked meat was something I have never had on a burger, but it gave a new dimension of meat that was very much welcome. I really liked the texture of the bun, but there was mixed feelings from the others at the table. Overall, this burger should probably be on your Burger Week list.

Drew: “I thought the smoked meat to burger patty ratio would be off, but the portioning was actually perfect”

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Burger #26 – Cannon Burger (The Loose Cannon)

My second favourite thing about getting to do this blog, the first being that I get to eat really tasty burgers, is that it takes me to new places that I have never been to before. This was the case with burger #26. Located at 1566 Argyle Street, The Loose Cannon is a place that I have walked past numerous times, but never actually walked through the doors. Since they only have one burger on their menu, I knew I was going to be trying theirĀ Cannon Burger.


From the menu: “Ground chuck seasoned to perfection, garnished with mayo, tomato, lettuce and a pickle. Served on a fresh kaiser roll and accompanied with either hand cut chips or house salad”


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