Halifax Burger Week 2018 Preview – Part 3

Happy Halifax Burger Week eve! Tomorrow the streets will be filled with burger-hungry Haligonians wandering from restaurant to restaurant in hopes of finding that next great burger.

You’ve got a lot of choices this year, so it’s time to take a look at another three that you should probably put to the test on your burger adventures over the next 7 days!

Get ready for the pre-Burger Week stomach growls as you learn all about the burgers from Primal, Harbour City Bar & Grill, and The Barrington Steakhouse!

If you missed the other instalments in the Preview Series, check out Part 1 and Part 2 for six other tasty burgs!


Primal Final

Burger: The Black Widow – Wild boar, smoked bacon, black bun, crispy onion ring, red cabbage gochujang slaw, chimilantro, black stout beernaise

Price: $15 with $1 going to Feed Nova Scotia

I’m a big fan of burgers where it’s clear that the kitchen has put the time and effort into making the burger visually appealing on the plate. When it comes to any burger I’ve ever had at Primal, it is always apparent that they appreciate good plating and understand how much that it can improve the dining experience. The fact that the flavours brought forth in the burger are also spot on just makes the love I have for dining here even greater.

The Black Widow is a sexy burger and it knows it. A rich wild boar patty sits on a bed of red cabbage gochujang slaw that is savoury with a subtle sweetness. On top of the patty are strips of smoked bacon followed by two crispy onions rings, which I believe are a welcome addition on most burgers.

Finished off with some chimilantro and a creamy black stout beernaise, it is all brought together between a unique black bun, and could easily be considered art in food form. It’s always a good time when a Burger Week burger is as nice to look at as it is to eat!

Harbour City Bar & Grill

Harbour City Final

Burger: Fried Spaghetti & Garlic Bread Burger – Italian meatball patty in a fried spaghetti nest, with marinara sauce and pesto mayo, on a garlic bread bun (your choice of side)

Price: $12 with $1 going to Feed Nova Scotia

One of my favourite things about Burger Week is seeing some really creative things come out of the kitchens at a lot of different style restaurants. Sometimes they unfortunately miss the mark and result in a not so great burger, but every now and then you get one that has the right levels of ingenuity and manages to impress the doubters. Well Harbour City Bar & Grill had me doubting, but somehow, I left impressed.

Inspired by traditional spaghetti and meatballs, this burger mimics the dish right down to the garlic bread. The protein is an Italian meatball patty, which is seasoned nicely and covered in a layer of melted cheese. On top of the patty is where things get interesting, because it’s not every day that you see a fried spaghetti nest topped with marinara sauce on a burger.

The chunky marinara sauce is the glue to this burger, and it really does a great job of bringing the pasta, meatball patty, and garlic bread bun together in one cohesive dish. A little pesto mayo added for good measure, and the end result is a burger that not only stands out, but keeps you coming back for more!

The Barrington Steakhouse

Barrington Final

Burger: The Carnival Burger – Atlantic beef patty topped with ketchup, mustard, cheese, onion rings, chili and a Pogo. Served on a sesame bun with choice of side

Price: $16 with $1 going to Feed Nova Scotia

Step right up and feast your eyes on the wonder that is The Carnival Burger! Inspired by all those guilty pleasure foods that you would stuff your face with before being thrown around on the Tilt-a-Whirl, but with a bit of class.

An Atlantic beef patty is hidden beneath a pile of chili and cheese, and is then crowned with a handful of golden onion rings, and given the good ol’ ketchup and mustard treatment. Lastly, it wouldn’t be a tribute to classic carnival foods without a corndog, and it just so happens that a Pogo skewer holds the whole thing together.

It takes culinary talent to take food that is typically known to be not so great for you, and turn it into something that feels almost elegant, and The Barrington Steakhouse manages to achieve just that with their Burger Week contribution this year.

Let me know which burger you are looking forward to over on Instagram and Twitter!


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