Burger #14 – Big Bad Wolf (Ace Burger Company – Bearly’s)

Being the burger lover that I am, I figured it was time to check out a place that has been getting some buzz within Halifax for the burgers that they create. I headed over to Bearly’s, located at 1269 Barrington Street, where the Ace Burger Company has taken over the kitchen with their many different takes on burgers. Having nothing but burgers to choose from, I eventually went with the one they refer to as the Big Bad Wolf.


From the menu: “Roast Pork Belly, Back Bacon, Bacon Marmalade, Beer Mustard, Smoked Gouda, Fried Egg”


Appearance (5.5/10)

The plate was placed in front of me and immediately I started to analyze the contents of this burger. Everything between the bun looked perfectly cooked and my mouth was instantly watering. I was a little disappointed with the burger, mostly because I’ve been more so accustomed to a more massively sized burger, but I was hoping that this would be a “good things come in small packages” kind of situation. I finally stopped admiring the meaty contents of the burger and it was time to take my first bite.


Taste (7/10)

I wasn’t completely sure what to expect with this burger as up until now, every burger in my journey had consisted of a beef patty. In the Big Bad Wolf, the main piece of meat was the roast pork belly. After my first bite, I knew that I was not going to have any complaints with the lack of beef. The pork belly was so juicy and delicious, that I had to stop myself from just devouring it within minutes. The fried egg, as always, gave the burger such a great flavor, and it really put this burger on another level. As I was eating, there was a taste that kept returning to my mouth, and I wasn’t able to figure out what it was until a little over halfway through the burger. I finally figured out that it was the bacon marmalade. This was something that I had never had before, but it was honestly my favorite part of the meal. It added a sweet bacon flavor to the burger, and it was really nice paired up with the pork belly. On a side note (no pun intended), I upgraded my fries to the poutine, which was a great decision. Our waitress said it best when she said “they do poutine right, here”. The gravy was unlike any I’ve had before, and I would definitely recommend it.


Restaurant Atmosphere & Service (7/10)

Bearly’s is a place that I have only ever been to at night, and I will admit that it was kind of weird being in there during daylight. That being said, it is a really cool place no matter what time of day, and I was glad to see that it didn’t look horrible with the lights turned on (which is the case with some places). We were one of only a few groups in there (it wasn’t a peak meal time), and there was a very laid back vibe throughout our visit. The waitress was great, and she made small talk and answered any questions that we had. She also really seemed to enjoy the atmosphere of Bearly’s, which in turn allowed me to enjoy it that much more.

Cost vs. What You Get (8.5/10)

This burger rings in at $9, or $12 if you get the platter (plus another $3 if you upgrade to poutine). For the size of the burger, $9 is very fair. When you take into consideration the beautifully cooked pieces of meat within the burger, plus the fact that it’s mostly comprised of local cuts, the Big Bad Wolf is a great deal.

Overall (7/10)

I was pretty impressed with Bearly’s and Ace Burger Company. A lot of people have suggested it to me, and I started to feel like it wouldn’t live up to the hype. It wasn’t the best burger that I’ve ever had, but it definitely holds it’s own, and it was a very delicious meal. I will be going back to try out the other burger options that they have, and I can see this place becoming a personal favorite of mine.

Bearly’s/Ace Burger Company
1269 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS
Bearly's House Of Blues & Ribs on Urbanspoon

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