Halifax Burger Week 2016 Preview – Part 2

Burger Week is now only 5 days away, and I can almost taste all the delicious burgers (maybe because I actually have tasted some of them already). I know you are all eager to get out there and get eating, so I’m here with Part 2 of the Halifax Burger Week Preview Series (you can see Part 1 here) to get your mouths watering and your stomachs growling with some tasty burger details! In this part, I highlight three more burgers from Ardmore Tea Room, Primal Kitchen, and Fickle Frog!

Ardmore Tea Room


Burger: Doughnut Burger – Maple sausage patty, fried egg, American cheese, tomato, spicy mayo and doughnut bun

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Burger #53 – Burger from Black Sheep

It’s always exciting when a new restaurant opens in the city. It’s even more exciting for me when they include a brand new burger on their menu! Black Sheep recently opened their doors on Dresden Row and they boast “Brunch by day. Small plates, craft beer, and cocktails by night”, which is a statement that is sure to please both early risers and night owls alike. I was not expecting a brunch place to serve a burger, but I was pleasantly surprised to see one pop up on the premiere menu. Simply titled “Burger” (it’s only a matter of time before they give it a SHEEPish name), it is a breakfast inspired meal that I knew I just had to try!


From the menu: “house ground beef, English muffin, fried egg, aioli, fontina, tomato, iceberg lettuce”

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Burger #3 – Beef, Pork & Bacon Burger (Rockbottom)

Moving on to the next stop on my burger quest, I headed to Rockbottom for #3. Situated at 5686 Spring Garden Road (underneath Your Father’s Moustache) is this intimate brew pub. The cozy and warm atmosphere is perfect for either date night or meeting up with some friends to try out the craft beer, which is brewed right on site. Having a few different choices for burgers, I eventually decided on the Beef, Pork & Bacon Burger.


From the menu: “6oz beef & pork patty. Topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings, roasted red pepper mayo, lettuce, tomato & pickle.”


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Burger #2 – Belfast Cheeseburger (The Old Triangle)

For Burger #2, I made my way to The Old Triangle. Found in downtown Halifax at 5136 Prince Street, The Old Triangle is a great place for either a cold beer or a tasty meal (or in my case, both). A large dining area and two separate bars allows for a large group of people to be accommodated at the same time. Living up to the ‘Irish Alehouse’ style, this place features a charming interior as well as some sort of live music each night. For this meal, I chose the only beef burger that they have on their menu, which is titled the Belfast Cheeseburger.


From the menu: “Hand made 6oz burger, char grilled with bacon, lettuce, onion, tomato, mayo, mustard and pickles, and your choice of cheese”


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Burger #1 – Hen Den’ Burger (Darrell’s Restaurant)

For the premiere burger, I headed over to Darrell’s Restaurant. Located at 5576 Fenwick Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Darrell’s is a pretty popular spot for both students and families. The restaurant proudly displays on its walls the many ‘Best of Food’ plaques, which are awarded to the best of the best restaurants throughout Halifax, by The Coast. For burger #1, I chose the Hen Den’ Burger.


From the menu: “Our premium, 6oz Certified Angus Beef burger topped with a “Grade A” Annapolis Valley fried egg (seriously), genuine Canadian cheddar, real bacon, our own freshly made chipotle mayo + guacamole, lettuce (now you can tell your mom you had a vegetable), on a toasted, seeded Kaiser bun. You will fall in love!”


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