Veggie Burger Series – Part 1

Since starting Life of Burgers, it’s safe to say that I have eaten more meat than I probably should have in the past few years, and while beef will always be my main squeeze, the time has come to give veggie burgers their turn in the spotlight.

Maybe you don’t eat meat, or maybe you’re still recovering from Halifax Burger Week (with possibly some PEI Burger Love thrown in there if you’re anything like me). Whatever you reason, veggie burgers are not only a healthier choice (most of the time) over the more meaty options, but they also open up a whole new world of unique burgers, and it just so happens that a lot of restaurants in Halifax have some pretty creative ones on their menus!

Keep reading to see just a few of the great meatless burgers available in Halifax that I’ve tried so far, in Part 1 of the Veggie Burger Series!

Benny’s Burgers – The Lone Star

“Bacon, BBQ Sauce, cheeze, crispy onions, mayo”

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Burger #39 – Peanut Butter Burger (Darrell’s)

One burger fad that I have never been completely sold on is the use of peanut butter. I love both peanut butter and burgers so it would make sense that I would love them together, but that hasn’t necessarily been the case. That being said, I believe that somewhere out there is a burger with peanut butter on it that will blow my away. I decided to head to Darrell’s for their take on this combination. Located at 5576 Fenwick Street, Darrell’s Peanut Butter Burger has become a well known thing around Halifax, so I figured it was only right to start my search here.


From the menu: “Our traditional BLTCM burger (bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, mayo, mustard, relish, and ketchup) with that stick to the roof of your mouth difference”

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Halifax Burger Week – Day #3

Halifax Burger Week is in full swing and it was time to venture out into the city for Day #3! Joining Team Life of Burgers this time was Olivia, Savannah, Jordan, Nadine, and Elaine.

Burger #17 – Peanut Butter Burger from Darrell’s


The Peanut Butter Burger from Darrell’s is a regular menu item and it is hugely popular within Halifax. I, however, have never been a huge fan of it. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with it, I just don’t really enjoy the combination of peanut butter with their patty. I do, however, think that their patty is pretty good (I’ve had other burgers that use the same patty). With this burger, I also really enjoyed the bun, and it was able to hold up when faced with the peanut butter and burger juices that this burger provides. This burger seems to have a pretty big fan base, so if you think it is something you would like, you should definitely try it and form your own opinion.

Savannah: “I really liked the peanut butter as it wasn’t too sweet, and it worked well with the bacon”

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Burger #29 – Piggy-Back Burger (Darrell’s)

There is nothing more exciting, for someone in my position, then when you hear of a new burger that has come to a local restaurant. A new burger can end up being a hit or miss, but either way, it’s still another chance to sink my teeth into a potential new favourite. While doing some burger research (we all have our hobbies) I came across a new burger on the menu at Darrell’s Restaurant. Located at 5576 Fenwick Street, this was my second visit to Darrell’s since starting this blog (my first was actually for the premier burger for LoB). Having heard nothing about this new creation, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to get my hands on the Piggy-Back Burger.


From the menu: “Our famous certified Angus beef topped with chipotle marinated pulled pork and jalapeño havarti, Darrell’s own pesto mayo, pita chips and apple coleslaw on a warm seeded kaiser roll”


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Burger #1 – Hen Den’ Burger (Darrell’s Restaurant)

For the premiere burger, I headed over to Darrell’s Restaurant. Located at 5576 Fenwick Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Darrell’s is a pretty popular spot for both students and families. The restaurant proudly displays on its walls the many ‘Best of Food’ plaques, which are awarded to the best of the best restaurants throughout Halifax, by The Coast. For burger #1, I chose the Hen Den’ Burger.


From the menu: “Our premium, 6oz Certified Angus Beef burger topped with a “Grade A” Annapolis Valley fried egg (seriously), genuine Canadian cheddar, real bacon, our own freshly made chipotle mayo + guacamole, lettuce (now you can tell your mom you had a vegetable), on a toasted, seeded Kaiser bun. You will fall in love!”


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