Veggie Burger Series – Part 1

Since starting Life of Burgers, it’s safe to say that I have eaten more meat than I probably should have in the past few years, and while beef will always be my main squeeze, the time has come to give veggie burgers their turn in the spotlight.

Maybe you don’t eat meat, or maybe you’re still recovering from Halifax Burger Week (with possibly some PEI Burger Love thrown in there if you’re anything like me). Whatever you reason, veggie burgers are not only a healthier choice (most of the time) over the more meaty options, but they also open up a whole new world of unique burgers, and it just so happens that a lot of restaurants in Halifax have some pretty creative ones on their menus!

Keep reading to see just a few of the great meatless burgers available in Halifax that I’ve tried so far, in Part 1 of the Veggie Burger Series!

Benny’s Burgers – The Lone Star

“Bacon, BBQ Sauce, cheeze, crispy onions, mayo”

New on the burger scene this year, I stopped by the Benny’s Burgers food cart (located on Grafton Street, across from the Black Market) on their opening day to grab one of their vegan burgers. Not being a vegan myself, I didn’t recognize the lack of all-vegan options in the city, but since opening, Benny’s has received a lot of attention from people that appreciate a quick and easy vegan option downtown.

With a menu that consists of a great variety of different burger options, they strive to make burgers that almost feel like you’re eating the real thing, but really they are all 100% vegan. I went with The Lone Star, as it seemed like it would be a nice introductory burger, and would give me a good idea of what Benny’s is all about.

A soy-based patty takes the place of the beef in this one, and I was pleased to find out that it had some nice subtle flavours to it, and wasn’t dry (which is a big pet peeve of mine when it comes to meatless burgers). I loved the texture and crunch that the crispy onions gave to the burger, and the coconut bacon was a unique addition that worked really well as a pork bacon substitute.

I did find that there was a bit too much BBQ sauce on the burger I had, and some bites tended to be overpowered by the strong flavour that it put out. With that one point aside, this was a strong showing for a brand new food vendor, and seeing as I was there the first day they opened, I’m sure they have perfected all the burgers on their menu by now and are having a very busy Summer so far!

Darrell’s – Veggie Burger

“0% beef burger with salsa, Monterey Jack, lettuce, tomato, mayo and jalapeños”

Known for their hugely popular Peanut Butter Burger, Darrell’s has a long list of burgers on their menu, which also includes a veggie burger. I was told that this one HAD to be included in this series, and not being one to shy away from a burger of any shape or size, I added to the list.

This one had a soy patty as well, which was a nice size but I would have liked to see a bit more seasoning to really make it stand out. Beneath the big pieces of lettuce and tomato there were some jalapeños sitting on top of the patty to give the burger some kick, and when paired with the salsa, they gave the burger a bit of flair, and elevated it above more traditionally-topped veggie burgers.

When it comes to meatless burgs, I find that there is a very fine line when it comes to the “bun to everything else” ratio. The buns used at Darrell’s are on the larger side, and I did find there was a bit more than I would have liked, but it wasn’t so much that it was a deal-breaker. Buns are an important part of the burger, but they shouldn’t overshadow the main event.

If you like your veggie burgers on the more classic side, Darrell’s is one that you will want to give a shot, if you haven’t already!

Ace Burger Co. – O.G. Veggie

“Roast mushrooms, shredded veg, lentils, rice miso, tahini, mint chèvre yogurt, pickled beets, local sprouts”

It wouldn’t feel right doing any type of Halifax Burger Series without including Ace Burger Co., and thankfully they just so happen to have a pretty awesome veggie burger on the menu!

Packed full of fresh and unique ingredients, the O.G. Veggie is definitely not your average burger! The patty tastes amazing and fresh, and is made up of a combination of roast mushrooms, shredded veggies, lentils, and rice miso, and is cooked with a crispy exterior to give it a great crunch. There is no shortage of local sprouts on this one, which is a topping I would love to see more of on some beef burgers around the city, as I think it can be a great lettuce substitute when used properly.

Bringing everything together was the delicious mint chèvre yogurt, which not only tasted great but also added a nice texture to the burger. On a personal note, I’ve never really been a big fan of beets, so I wasn’t overly into the one on this burger, but that is completely a personal point, and if you like beets, you’ll love the big slice that you get on the O.G.!

It’s also worth mentioning that this burger is VERY filling, so make sure you come hungry cause you’re going to want to eat every single bite!

I have a big list of veggie burgers to try out this summer, which I’ll be showcasing in future parts! If you have a ‘must-try’ meatless burger in the HRM, let me know on either Twitter or Instagram!

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