Halifax Burger Week 2016 – Burgers 7-14

Burger Week is now over halfway done, and it doesn’t seem like Halifax is slowing their consumption down anytime soon. With the end of the week in sight, I have been adding more and more burgers to my list, to the point of not knowing how I will make time, or stomach space, to try them. However, I will be pushing until the end of Day 7 to make sure I get to experience all the ones that I want to.

For now, I’m back to give you a look at 8 more burgers I have tried, and hopefully it will point you in the right direction in terms of burger choices. Trust me when I say that you’re going to want to read this one, because there is some awesome burgers this time around!



Burger: Donair Burger – Flipburger’s famous patty topped with Tony’s Famous Donair meat, plus onions, tomatoes and Flipburger’s own chipotle mayo

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Burger #36 – The Donicken (Foggy Goggle)

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One thing that I try to be weary of when trying new burgers, are ones that are trying to be too ambitious. This could mean way too many toppings, an unusual combination of ingredients, or just the sheer size of the burger itself. That being said, I want to give a fair shot to each burger, kind of a “don’t knock it til you try it” way of thinking. The Donicken from Foggy Goggle initially had me worried that it may fall into this category, but being a lover of meat, I figured that I had to at least give it a try (and I’m glad I did).


From the menu: “Local, free range chicken, housemade Donair meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato, & hot pepper mayo”

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