Halifax Burger Week 2016 – Burgers 7-14

Burger Week is now over halfway done, and it doesn’t seem like Halifax is slowing their consumption down anytime soon. With the end of the week in sight, I have been adding more and more burgers to my list, to the point of not knowing how I will make time, or stomach space, to try them. However, I will be pushing until the end of Day 7 to make sure I get to experience all the ones that I want to.

For now, I’m back to give you a look at 8 more burgers I have tried, and hopefully it will point you in the right direction in terms of burger choices. Trust me when I say that you’re going to want to read this one, because there is some awesome burgers this time around!



Burger: Donair Burger – Flipburger’s famous patty topped with Tony’s Famous Donair meat, plus onions, tomatoes and Flipburger’s own chipotle mayo

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Halifax Burger Week – Day #6

The second last day of Burger Week brought yet another busy day of burgering. This time, the team ventured around Dartmouth to try out 9 different burgers. Joining me on Day #6 was Olivia, Jordan, Ryan, and Don.

Burger #44 – Jamieson’s Irish House & Grill


There was a bit of confusion with this burger, as a lot of people thought it was a vegetarian option, given the description (“zesty black bean tomato and lime chilli burger”). It was in fact a beef burger with chilli on top of it (no complaints here). The patty was seasoned nicely, even though it was a done a little more than I would have liked, but still pretty decent. The chilli was delicious and I really liked it in conjunction with the patty. There was a perfect amount of veggies on the burger, and in terms of the bun, it had the perfect level of flakiness which made it have a great texture. This was a pretty good burger all around.

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