Halifax Burger Week – Day #6

The second last day of Burger Week brought yet another busy day of burgering. This time, the team ventured around Dartmouth to try out 9 different burgers. Joining me on Day #6 was Olivia, Jordan, Ryan, and Don.

Burger #44 – Jamieson’s Irish House & Grill


There was a bit of confusion with this burger, as a lot of people thought it was a vegetarian option, given the description (“zesty black bean tomato and lime chilli burger”). It was in fact a beef burger with chilli on top of it (no complaints here). The patty was seasoned nicely, even though it was a done a little more than I would have liked, but still pretty decent. The chilli was delicious and I really liked it in conjunction with the patty. There was a perfect amount of veggies on the burger, and in terms of the bun, it had the perfect level of flakiness which made it have a great texture. This was a pretty good burger all around.

Burger #45 – Finbar’s Irish Pub


From one Irish restaurant to another (it was a reoccurring theme for this day), we landed at Finbar’s to try out their burger. The first thing you notice is the bun. I had yet to experience a bun like this one during Burger Week, and I really enjoyed the dense texture of it, as it was just the right amount. The patty was very tasty, and I really liked the way they incorporated the chilli pepper and cheese into the actual patty itself. I was pretty pleased with this burger, as it was a great example of how flavourful one can be.

Jordan: “This bun was a cool change from the other ones we’ve had so far”

Burger #46 – Grilled Cheese Reuben Burger from Cheese Curds


I love seeing inventive burger creations, and Cheese Curds certainly created something unique, which they called the Grilled Cheese Reuben Burger. Two grilled cheese sandwiches make up the bun of this burger, and while it had a great taste to it, I found that the bread just couldn’t help but get soggy from everything that was happening on the inside of the burger. Aside from the slight bun issue, this burger was pretty great in every other aspect. Everything on this burger provided our tastebuds with a variety of different deliciousness. The Russian dressing was really great on the smoked meat, and the sauerkraut added a nice touch of tang that was very much welcome. I have to give it up to Cheese Curds for bringing so many great flavours together in one burger!

Olivia: “I loved the swiss cheese, and it really went well with the tender smoked meat”

Burger #47 – Gourmet BBQ Beef Burger from Off the Grill

Off The Grill

One way to win my heart is to feed me onion rings and BBQ sauce. Off the Grill gave me both of these things on their Gourmet BBQ Beef Burger. While this burger didn’t have a traditional beef patty, it did have a pile of slow-cooked shaved beef, which was really delicious. The BBQ sauce was very plentiful, and the onion rings on this burger gave a great crunchy texture. I also appreciated the potato scallion bun as it was burger for this burger, both in terms of taste and texture. This burger is definitely a favourite of mine from the week, even if it’s only a guilty pleasure.

Burger #48 – Battered Fish

Battered Fish

While this burger just looks like another fast food fish option, I actually liked the simple nature of this haddock burger. The fish was pretty tasty, and I liked the breading that was on it. I also liked the idea of putting guacamole on a fish burger as they worked really well together. I would have liked a bit more flavour, other than the guacamole, which seemed to be to only source of seasoned taste, other than the fish itself. The bun wasn’t anything amazing, but it fit the burger pretty well. All in all, not a bad little $5 fish burger.

Burger #49 – Trio Burger from Celtic Corner

Celtic Corner

When it comes to burgers, you can’t like them all. Different people like different things, and unfortunately the Trio Burger from Celtic Corner didn’t quite make the cut for me. I found the burger to be pretty plain and lacking in the spice department. The patty itself was somewhat dry, and there wasn’t a whole lot of flavour to it. I did, however, like the bun, but it’s too bad that everything else fell pretty short.

Burger #50 – Breaded Haddock Burger from Wooden Monkey

Wooden Monkey

For this burger, they informed us beforehand that they had run out of the kimchi/sweet chilli mayo so they were replacing it with a lemon aioli with dulce and a slaw. We agreed at the table that we would have liked to experienced this burger in it’s original form, as we thought the new toppings didn’t quite do it justice. In terms of the haddock, I thought the fish itself was delicious, but I was not a fan of the breading as it was really dry and the flax gave a strange taste to the burger. I did enjoy the bun on this burger, with it’s crunchy outside and soft inside. From all the haddock burgers that were available for Burger Week, this would have to be my least favourite, as it didn’t really have a star component to make this burger shine.

Burger #51 – The Twisted BLT from Ceilidh’s


After having a couple of not so impressive burgers, I was glad to see The Twisted BLT from Ceilidh’s come along. Not only was the staff amazing, their burger was super delicious! The maple bacon was cooked perfectly and had a great taste, as was the patty, which actually had a bit of pink in the middle (how a burger should be!). The tomato jam was really delicious, and had a nice flavour to it. I also really liked the fresh, crisp taste that the cucumber gave to this burger, and it was really refreshing to have it in there amongst the meatier items. The team came to the consensus that this burger was awesome, and it is definitely one of my favourites from the week!

Jordan: “I really liked the combination of the tomato jam and the roasted garlic aioli!”

Burger #52 – Ultimate Burger from Reilly’s Lounge (Hearthstone Inn)


For the last burger of the day, we went to Reilly’s Lounge, located inside the Hearthstone Inn, for their Ultimate Burger. In all honesty, I was expecting a whole lot from this burger (there wasn’t even a description of the burger on the passport). I’m so glad that my expectations were completely wrong! The patty on this burger was fairly large, and it was filled with delicious burger juices. There was an onion ring on the burger (I shouldn’t have to explain my love for them at this point), and there was also a pile of mushrooms smothered in cheese, which was really awesome. The bun was great, and it was wide enough to contain the big burger patty. This was a surprisingly good burger, and for only $5 during Burger Week, it was a great value as well. I was definitely happy ending Day #6 on this meaty high note!

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