Burger #8 – Sirloin Burger (The Five Fishermen)

For burger #8, I decided to change it up a little bit and do some finer dining. I went to The Five Fishermen, located at 1740 Argyle Street, not knowing quite what to expect. The only thing I really knew about this place was that it could be kind of pricey, but I decided to give it a go anyways. They only have one burger on their menu, and it is titled the Sirloin Burger.


From the menu: “House made 8oz grill burger, maple chipotle BBQ sauce, provolone cheese, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and red onion crisps served with hand-cut fries.”


Appearance (7/10)

The first thing I noticed about this burger was that the presentation looked very familiar. After asking our waiter, we discovered that The Five Fishermen is under the same ownership as The Auction House (burger #5), which makes perfect sense seeing as they are right next door to each other and apparently share a kitchen. As stated in my review of the burger from Auction House, I really love the mini basket that the fries are served in. As for the burger, it looked simple, but there was also something about it that gave it a certain elegance, which made it fit right in at this place that appeared to be a little more high-end.


Taste (7/10)

This burger may be simple in appearance, but it definitely is not simple in taste. There were a few different aspects of this burger that, when brought together, really created something delicious. First, the maple chipotle BBQ sauce provides both a sweet and mildly spicy taste, which is thoroughly enjoyable. Secondly, the provolone cheese is a nice addition, and as someone who isn’t very experienced with this type of cheese, I was pleasantly surprised. Lastly, I actually really enjoyed the bun that encapsulates all of the ingredients. It was perfectly toasted, and the texture really added a certain something to this burger. All of these things, put together with the tasty house made patty, really created an enjoyable eating experience.


Restaurant Atmosphere & Service (6.5/10)

This being my first time in the restaurant, I was excited to see what the inside looked like. There are two floors inside, however the upstairs was not open during my visit so I only got to see the main floor. The decor of this restaurant is very beautiful and well-kept. One point of interest was the vast wine collection that was displayed behind a glass wall. There was both groups of people, as well as couples out for date night, and this place is very much accommodating for both situations. We arrived here without a reservation and there wasn’t a table available at that point, but 30 minutes (and a few drinks) later, we were able to get a really nice corner table beside the front windows. All of the staff were extremely friendly and helpful, and made our dinner very pleasant. My only complaint was that the wait time between placing our order and receiving our food was fairly long, but I guess that just left more time for drinks.

Cost vs. What You Get (4/10)

The price of this burger is $15. This being a more high-end restaurant, the higher price tag isn’t overly surprising. However, I don’t feel as though this burger was worthy of a more costly price. Yes, there are many items on their menu that are deserving of costing more, the Grilled Caesar Salad being one of them (hands down the best salad i’ve ever had), but as good as this burger was, it did not need to have as high of a price as it did.

Overall (6.125/10)

The Five Fishermen is a great choice if you are looking for a meal that is slightly more fancy than your usual local restaurant. Due to the cost, this probably isn’t a place that you would want to frequent, but that is one of the things that makes it special because it can be a location that is reserved for special occasions. In terms of the burger, it is worth a shot if you have some extra cash laying around, but maybe stay away if you are on a budget.

The Five Fishermen Restaurant & Grill
1740 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS
The Five Fisherman Restaurant & Grill on Urbanspoon

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