Halifax Burger Week 2019 Preview – Part 3

In two days the burger flood gates will open, and the city of Halifax will be chowing down on ample amounts of burgs of all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or a Burger Week newbie, picking from 140 burgers is a daunting task, and I want to try and make your decisions a little easier.

I’ve already covered seven other burgers in Part 1 and Part 2, and in Part 3 I have four more for your viewing pleasure. Here’s the 2019 Burger Week burgers from The Barrington, Krave, Antojo, and RumbleFish!

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The Barrington

The Barrington Edit

Burger: Burg-Ducken – 7oz Atlantic beef patty, duck confit, crispy chicken skin, orange slaw, cilantro and hoisin

Price: $16 with $2 going to Feed Nova Scotia

I can’t say I’ve ever had the chance to experience a Turducken (a chicken that is stuffed into a duck, which is then stuffed into a turkey) but I have to imagine that it has some redeeming qualities despite it seeming overly excessive. The Burg-Ducken, which is The Barrington’s entry for this year’s Burger Week, gets it’s inspiration from this three bird meal, and brings together three meats of it’s own.

While there is no turkey in this burger, a classic 7oz beef patty takes it’s place and definitely holds it’s own as the primary base protein. Moving up in the toppings layout, the duck confit is a thing of beauty that gives a rich flavour to the burger, while almost melting in your mouth with each bite. My favourite of the three meats, though, has to be that crispy chicken skin. It was salty and seasoned, and it was the kind of topping that you just can’t get enough of, even if it may not be the healthiest of things (but really, if you’re worried about your health, Burger Week may not be the event for you).

On top of all that meat, there was a nice bed of slaw that provided a crisp crunch, while giving a much needed contrast to the other meaty components. Overall, everything about this burger came together nicely, and if you’re someone who enjoys a nice piece of meat, or three, this burger is for you!


Krave Edit

Burger: Bacon Jam Cheeseburger – Grass-fed beef, cheddar, pickles, Krave sauce and sweet and smokey bacon jam on a butter-toasted bun

Price: $6

With the number of options for Burger Week growing every year, it’s nice to have the comforting familiarity that is the Bacon Jam Cheeseburger from Krave. I say it every year, but this burger is one of my favourite Burger Week traditions.

While lots of Burger Week burgers are busy trying to pull out all that stops, the Bacon Jam Cheeseburger keeps it simple and wins you over just as much, if not more, as those big, flashy burgers. While the classic ingredients are so tasty, the star of the show is obviously the bacon jam. This sweet and smokey condiment takes everything that is great about both sweet and savoury flavours, and packs them into every bite. I long for the day when Krave decides to bottle this jam because my body longs for it all year round.

If you’ve Burger Week’ed before and have not yet had this Bacon Jam Cheeseburger, then shame on you. If this is your first trip around the burger block, then make it a point to stop in here at least once during the week. No one will blame you if you have to stop by for a second one before it rides off into the sunset for another year.


Antojo Edit

Burger: Al Pastor – Getaway Farms pork shoulder, anato seed and recado roja seasoning, morita tomato jam, grilled pineapple, cilantro lime aioli, served with house-made totopos and tatamada salsa on a 24 Carrots Bakery torta bun

Price: $18 with $2 going to Feed Nova Scotia

If you’ve had the tacos (or really anything on the menu) at Antojo, then you know that the food they create here is not only downright delicious, but it is bursting with a wide selection of Mexican-inspired flavours.

For their Burger Week entry this year, they decided to take one of the tacos on their regular menu and transform it into burger form. The end result translates into a bold, original burger that is unlike any other offered this year.

This burger is all about adding little pops of heat in every bite. The pork patty was seasoned thoroughly which provided a mild spiciness that gave a solid base to the burger. The morita tomato jam, while having a bit of a kick, also gave a subtle sweetness that cuts through the heat. I’m not usually a fan of pineapple, but even I could appreciate how well the sweet tartiness accompanied the more bold flavours.

If you aren’t big on spice, don’t let the hotter elements of this burger turn you off. They do a great job of making sure that the heat in this one isn’t over the top, and the flavour combination makes for an enjoyable meal that doesn’t make you reach for your cerveza after every bite.


RumbleFish Edit

Burger: The Dork Burger – Braised duck leg, spiced Oulton’s pork, beer mustard, garlic mayo, crispy onions, spent grain bun

Price: $17 with $2 going to Feed Nova Scotia

I realized when I stopped into Good Robot (the location of the RumbleFish kitchen) that I had never actually been inside, let alone had a meal here, as all of my previous visits have been for beers out on the turf when the weather allowed for it. This meant that I was going into RumbleFish blind, and had no idea what to expect from their Burger Week burger.

Turns out, RumbleFish makes some damn good food. The aptly named Dork Burger brings two different proteins together for a deliciously meaty time. The tender braised duck leg brought an awesome juiciness to the burger, and the spiced pork provided a well-seasoned base that suited the other ingredients perfectly. I also have to give it up to the garlic mayo because a creamy condiment is exactly what this burger calls for, and having a hint of garlic in there didn’t hurt either.

I’m so pleased that RumbleFish is able to put out burgers that are in the same league as their sister restaurant, Black Sheep. I’m looking forward to coming back and trying some regular menu items in the future, but for now, trust me when I say that you want to make time for this one during Burger Week.

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