Burger #63 – The Smoke Burger (Durty Nelly’s)

Way back in 2014, when Life of Burgers was still pretty new, I paid a visit to Durty Nelly’s one evening where I found a burger that thoroughly impressed me. It was called the Whiskey Smoke Burger, and between the onion rings, the whiskey apple BBQ sauce, and the Guinness honey mustard, it quickly became one of my favourite burgers in the city.

However, it is normal for restaurants to change up their menus from time to time (which can be either really great or a swing and a miss), and unfortunately the Whiskey Smoke Burger didn’t make the cut during one of these changes and I had to say goodbye to a burger that treated me right.

While that one may be gone, it just so happens that there is another burger on the menu that has many similarities to the old one, with a few changes. I stopped by to try The Smoke Burger, hopeful that it would be just as good as the one I had 4 years ago.


From the menu: “Smoked garlic aioli, bacon, smoked cheddar, BBQ sauce, lettuce, pickle, onion rings”


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Veggie Burger Series – Part 1

Since starting Life of Burgers, it’s safe to say that I have eaten more meat than I probably should have in the past few years, and while beef will always be my main squeeze, the time has come to give veggie burgers their turn in the spotlight.

Maybe you don’t eat meat, or maybe you’re still recovering from Halifax Burger Week (with possibly some PEI Burger Love thrown in there if you’re anything like me). Whatever you reason, veggie burgers are not only a healthier choice (most of the time) over the more meaty options, but they also open up a whole new world of unique burgers, and it just so happens that a lot of restaurants in Halifax have some pretty creative ones on their menus!

Keep reading to see just a few of the great meatless burgers available in Halifax that I’ve tried so far, in Part 1 of the Veggie Burger Series!

Benny’s Burgers – The Lone Star

“Bacon, BBQ Sauce, cheeze, crispy onions, mayo”

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Burger #59 – Big Earl (Cheachie’s)

We are now over a month into 2017 and it’s finally time for Life of Burgers to get back into the swing of things by chowing down on some delicious burgers!

I decided for the first Halifax burger of the year, that I would visit a place that has been recommended to me a few different times, but I had yet to give it a try (except for Burger Week 2015). Cheachie’s is known for their menu of Mexican food and burgers, some of which are actually comprised of a combination of two of their regular burgers! Wanting a burger that was a bit more modest, I went with the Big Earl.


From the menu: “Mayo, lettuce, tomato, 8oz. burger, cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings, ketchup & BBQ sauce”

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Burger #49 – Big Devil Burger (Baton Rouge)

During Halifax Burger Week, some of the participating restaurants opted to have one of their regular menu burgers be their entry for the week. One of these places was Baton Rouge. The name of this burger was titled the Big Devil Burger, and since no one had anything bad to say about it at the time, I figured it was time to go back and give it its own LoB write-up!


From the menu: “Half-pound of premium beef, fried onion rings, tomato, Swiss cheese, smoked bacon, sweet & spicy BBQ sauce”

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Burger #47 – South West Burger (Your Father’s Moustache)

I’m quickly closing in on burger #50, and I’m pretty excited to reach this milestone! I’m not quite there yet though, so it’s time to get to work. For #47 I headed back to Your Father’s Moustache for my third burger from here; a burger hat-trick if you will. They have a section on their menu that’s completely devoted to burgers, and this time I decided to go with the South West Burger.


From the menu: “100% pure beef patty grilled with Bull’s-Eye BBQ sauce, and topped with sauteed chipotle onions, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, and pickle”

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Burger #41 – Smokehouse Burger (Athens)

Given the fact that burgers are such a popular food item, it seems that almost every restaurant nowadays has a burger on their menu. Even some places that specialize in certain foods will sometimes throw a burger on their menu as an option for a potential picky customer. While I’m all about a world full of burgers, this leaves a lot of opportunity for mediocre burgers, and nobody wants that.

One of the places that I was worried that this might be the case was Athens Restaurant. Located at 6273 Quinpool Road, Athens is known for its extensive Greek menu, as well as having a pretty great breakfast selection. I was apprehensive about going here specifically for a burger, but after they had a pretty good showing during Burger Week with their lamb burger, I figured it was only fair to give one of their regular menu items a shot.


From the menu: “6oz local, ground beef patty, BBQ sauce, mayo, smoked bacon, breaded onion ring & Swiss on a kaiser bun”

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Burger #30 – Smokehouse (2 Doors Down)

Halifax may be still recovering from the layer of ice that it was covered in recently, but that doesn’t mean the burger life has to slow down any! As of late, there has been a lot of burger excitement throughout Halifax with the upcoming Halifax Burger Week. The Coast is once again doing their Burger Week from March 19th – 25th, which is a great opportunity to both try some of the best restaurants in the city, as well as stuff your face with as many different burgers as possible. Right now, you can even go on Twitter or Instagram and show your support for who you think should be the Burger Ambassador for the week (maybe a certain Halifax-based burger blogger *wink wink nudge nudge*), which gives two lucky people the chance to cover burger week, and report back to the public all the meaty details!

With Burger Week on the mind, it is a perfect time for me to get my next burger, which just so happens to be #30! For this one, I decided to go with a burger, that is one of the ones that gets most recommended to me, from the downtown restaurant 2 Doors Down. Located at 1533 Barrington Street, 2DD is still a fairly new addition to Halifax, but has received many rave reviews from Halifax diners. After hearing lots of praise for it, I knew it was time to get myself a Smokehouse burger.


From the menu: “We use house ground PEI chuck, brisket, and short rib; smoked gouda, bourbon BBQ sauce, crispy challots, bacon, onion jam, chipotle aioli”


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Burger #4 – Moustache Burger (Your Father’s Moustache)

For #4, I went to a favourite place of mine, Your Father’s Moustache. Found at 5686 Spring Garden Road, which is above Rockbottom (see Burger #3), this restaurant and bar has become a pretty popular spot on this busy Halifax street. Not only do they have their spacious dining area, but they also have a rooftop patio (which sadly was closed when we went) for those nice summer days. With a few different burgers to choose from, I decided to go with the Moustache Burger.


From the menu: “Our signature burger starts with a 100% pure beef patty, topped with pulled pork, banana peppers, Swiss cheese, two onion rings, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and our spicy BBQ sauce.”


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