Halifax Burger Week 2016 – Burgers 15-22

With the week being over, Burger Week has now come to an end, but don’t be sad just yet! You can still take a look at the last 8 burgers I tried, and see what I thought of the (mostly) delicious creations!

Also, stay tuned for my Burger Week Wrap-Up, where I’ll give my Top 3 burgers of the week, as well as some other ones worth mentioning!

Old Triangle


Burger: Slow-roasted pulled pork burger with chunky apple and onion chutney and jalapeno mayo on a locally made bun

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Burger #32 – Smokehouse Burger (Clay West)

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After completing my run as Burger Ambassador for Halifax Burger Week, I had a list of places that I wanted to go back and check out, one of which was Clay West Bar & Grill. Located at 120 Susie Lake Crescent in Bayers Lake, this was one of the spots that I wanted to return to so I could try one of their regular menu burgers mostly because I enjoyed their Burger Week contribution. After a bit of back and forth between burgers, I finally chose the Smokehouse Burger.


From the menu: “Hand pressed 1/2 pounder; bacon strips, American cheese, onion rings, smokey BBQ mayo”

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Halifax Burger Week – Day #5

Over halfway through of Burger Week, and I’m still going strong! Joining me for Day #5 was Keegan, Jordan, and Olivia.

Burger #35 – Bourbon Bacon Jack Burger from Cheachie’s


We arrived at Cheachie’s and they informed us that they weren’t making their Burger Week burgers for that day. Eventually, they gave in and said they would make them for us (is there anything this Ambassador sash can’t do?). The patty was cooked pretty nicely, and had a good char. I really enjoyed the bourbon sauce, and it was a taste I have yet to experience on a burger so it was a new welcome experience. The bun was ok, but it did have a bit of a problem holding together. I also would have liked a different style of onions, as the yellow onions were the wrong flavour for this burger. Overall, this burger fell in the middle of all the burgers I’ve had so far this week.

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