Halifax Burger Week Wrap-Up

Well, Halifax Burger Week has come and gone, and man was it a meaty adventure! This year the city of Halifax had 59 different burgers to offer for the week, and I managed to try every single one of them. That’s right, I devoted my whole week to this endeavour and I was determined to conquer the week!

It all started with a contest that was put on by The Coast to find two “Burger Ambassadors” who would be in charge of going out and documenting their Halifax Burger Week experience through Twitter and Instagram. They wanted to see your “burger selfie”, and even though I did that, it was only the beginning of my quest to become Ambassador.


My burger selfie.

After the initial selfie, I started my campaign to become Ambassador. There was a lot of picture taking, burger eating, tweeting, and Instagram-ing during this period. I really owe it to my friends, and even people I don’t know, who were instrumental in getting the word out through social media about my love of burgers (it also probably helped that I run this blog throughout the year).

IMG_1977 IMG_2001


Just a few photos that helped me get the Ambassador title, including some creative artwork by my friend Keegan.

After I was finally selected for the position, it was time to plan the week because you can’t just eat 59 burgers without some sort of schedule. I created a daily template and figured out which burgers I would be eating each day based on the location of each place. I then turned to Team Life of Burgers (the name they gave themselves) and asked them to pick which ones they wanted to join me for.


What my Burger Week schedule looked like (I took the Ambassador job very seriously).

After all the planning, it was finally time to venture out into this wonderful city and eat some burgers! My days comprised of me trying 8 or 9 different burgers each day, but to be fair, I was splitting the majority of the burgers so it was really only halves (there was no way I could eat that many full burgers and still be around to blog about it). My team was great throughout it all, and I really couldn’t have taken on this epic adventure without them. I also really loved all the interactions I had with various people throughout the week. Restaurant staff were super nice, and they made sure that everything was perfect for our visit (one of the perks of wearing a “Burger Ambassador” sash). There was even times where other diners came up and asked for my opinion on what burgers they should try. It was all really fun and overall a great experience!


At Bearly’s for the first burger of the week with fellow Ambassador Vicki, Lindsay (Eat This Town), and Team Life of Burgers! (Photo cred to Jordan)


Left: Flipburger put me to work during my visit. Right: Thumbs up for Lefty’s!


Left: Team LOB loves the bacon jam at Krave! Right: Great burger and staff at Canvas.


Team LOB loved The Twisted BLT from Ceilidh’s!

My Top 3 Picks of the Week

There was so many great burgers from the week, and it actually took a lot of thinking to figure out my favourite three of the week, but eventually I came to a decision.

The Steakhouse Slider from 2 Doors Down (Day #2)

2 Doors Down

Gahan House (Day #1)


Hali Deli (Day #4)

Hali Deli

Honourable Mentions

The Big Smoke from Flipburger (Day #1)


The Steak Tartare Burger from Chives (Day #2)


Lorenzo’s PEI Beef Tenderloin Burger from La Frasca (Day #3)

La Frasca

BBB Bacon Burger from Brewster’s (Day #5)


Lefty’s Style Reuben Burger from Lefty’s (Day #5)


Grilled Cheese Reuben Burger from Cheese Curds (Day #6)


The Twisted BLT from Ceilidh’s (Day #6)


After the week was over, I even got to talk about my favourite burgers, and Burger Week in general, on Global Morning News which can be seen here.

And there you have it! It was a great, and filling, week and I’m so glad that I was able to take part in it. I got to visit a bunch of restaurants that I have never been to, and I loved getting to interact with so many Haligonians! Team Life of Burgers ate 111 burgers and with that, donated $172.50 to FEED Nova Scotia! While Halifax Burger Week might be over for another year, Life of Burgers will still be going strong, so stay tuned for more burger goodness!


Until next year!

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