Burger #32 – Smokehouse Burger (Clay West)

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After completing my run as Burger Ambassador for Halifax Burger Week, I had a list of places that I wanted to go back and check out, one of which was Clay West Bar & Grill. Located at 120 Susie Lake Crescent in Bayers Lake, this was one of the spots that I wanted to return to so I could try one of their regular menu burgers mostly because I enjoyed their Burger Week contribution. After a bit of back and forth between burgers, I finally chose the Smokehouse Burger.


From the menu: “Hand pressed 1/2 pounder; bacon strips, American cheese, onion rings, smokey BBQ mayo”

Appearance (6.5/10)

They must have known I was coming when they put the onion ring on top of this burger! That aside, the first thing you notice about this burger is it’s size. This burger definitely has some weight to it, and it’s not afraid to show it! I loved how both the cheese and sauce was dripping out the sides of the burger because that’s usually a sign that your taste buds are in for a good time. This burger did look somewhat plain from the outside, but looks can be deceiving.

Taste (7.25/10)

After the first few bites, I was unsure about the bun. It seemed like it was just going to be too much bread for the contents of the burger. Luckily, the more I ate, the more I appreciated the bit of extra bun.

This was definitely the most onion ring-loaded burger I have eaten thus far. They really did not skimp when it came to putting those delicious deep-fried rings on there (seriously, did they know I was coming?). I also enjoyed the use of the smokey BBQ mayo. I feel that if they were to use BBQ sauce as opposed to the mayo, it would have been too much. Instead, this allowed for the taste to be more subtle, and didn’t overpower the other toppings.

The patty held it’s own. It wasn’t anything spectacular but I still enjoyed it. This burger reminded me of a classic bacon cheeseburger with just a bit of a kick, and I’m always a fan of a classic.

Restaurant Atmosphere & Service (7/10)

When I visited it was wing night, and man did they smell delicious. So much so, that I almost went with wings instead of the burger, but who am I kidding?

Our waitress was awesome, and was nothing but friendly and accommodating. It was getting pretty busy when we got here, but it’s a pretty big place so it didn’t feel too cramped. The wide open area did make it feel a bit more bar-like, but it still wasn’t too bad.

Cost vs. What You Get (7.5/10)

The cost of this burger is $12. For a half-pound bacon cheeseburger that’s loaded with onion rings, it is completely worth it in my mind. It would be nice to toss some vegetables on there, but other than that, this burger is worth it.

Overall (7.06/10)

I was pretty pleased with this burger. It was a nice and simple creation that left a great taste in your mouth. It’s not the best burger I’ve ever had, but it is definitely worth checking out. I know I’ll be back to try another one of their delicious-sounding burgers!

Clay West Bar & Grill
120 Susie Lake Crescent, Halifax, NS
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