Veggie Burger Series – Part 3

Summer is quickly flying by, and I’ve been spending a lot of it sitting on patios throughout Halifax, drinking some great local beer and eating delicious veggie burgers (it’s a hard life, but somebody has to do it).

I’ve already covered six pretty great meatless burgers, which you can check out in Part 1 and Part 2, and it’s time to show off three more! You’re going to want to keep reading because these three don’t mess around, and they seriously raise the bar in the veggie burger category!

Also, the final round for The Coast Best of Halifax awards is now open and Life of Burgers has snagged a nomination for Best Food Blogger! If you wouldn’t mind heading over to The Coast and throwing a vote my way, it would be hugely appreciated! Thanks!

Krave – Veggie Burger


“Careful blend of lentils, sweet potato, corn, black beans and southern seasonings. Served with tomato jam, lettuce and tomato”

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Halifax Burger Week – Day #7

The final day of Burger Week had finally come, and I was both sad and relieved to be ending this meaty journey. Either way, there was still 7 burgers standing in the way of me reaching my goal, so we ventured back into this wonderful city. Joining me on Day #7 was Don, Olivia, Nadine, Rachel, Ryan, and Jordan.

Burger #53 – Lumberjack Burger from Kempster’s


We started the day off with a breakfast of burger proportions. Between the French-toasted bun, was a breakfast fit for a king, or in this case, a Burger Ambassador. The egg was a very welcome addition (as always), and there was tons of bacon piled on top of the cheesy patty. The maple mayo was super delicious, and it was as if the burger had maple syrup drizzled on it. The French-toasted bun was great, and it provided an inventive alternative to your typical toasted bun. This burger, with it breakfast influences, was a really tasty time.

Don: “The patty made me think of a good traditional diner burger”

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