Veggie Burger Series – Part 2

The hot days in Halifax seem never-ending, and the same can be said about the delicious veggie burgers that restaurants have on their menus! I’ll admit that before starting this series, I wasn’t super excited about focusing primarily on meatless burgers for the majority of the summer (what can I say, I am a carnivore through and through), but that opinion has quickly changed, and it’s all thanks to the creative and well-thought out veggie burgers that places in the HRM have come up with.

See what I mean with a look at three more veggie burgers, in Part 2 of the Veggie Burger Series!

You can check out Part 1 of the series, and the first three meatless burgers I tried, here!

Riot Snack Bar – The Riot Burger

“Hand crafted veggie burger, house-made ketchup and garlic aioli, crunchy sprouts, house-brined pickles and gouda cheese on a local brioche bun”

During this past Halifax Burger Week, Riot Snack Bar absolutely knocked it out of the park with their Fresh Prince of Burg-Aire creation. Despite thoroughly enjoying their contribution for the week, I haven’t been back since, but after hearing so many great things about the veggie patty that they make, it was a no-brainer that they would be included in this series!

Instead of having one veggie burger on the menu, Riot gives the option to have a meatless patty on any of their burgers. I chose The Riot Burger, mostly because I felt the toppings would best compliment a veggie patty, but really, I’m sure any one you choose would still be a pretty great time.

In the hand crafted, black bean patty, there was a great mix of veggies that gave it a nice, crisp crunch. The patty had a great weight to it, and it was VERY filling (I’m glad I decided not to get a side because it would have been a struggle to get it all in). The house-brined pickles were tasty, and the flavour was subtle, which really helped them work alongside the other veggie components of the burger.

The amount of savoury garlic aioli was generous, and as an aioli lover, it was the perfect amount! You can’t have a good burger without a great bun, and the bun they use at Riot is easily one of the best in the city. It was so soft and fresh, and it was perfect in size for everything that it is holding together! If you are veggie burger inclined, and you haven’t tried this one yet, you’re going to want to stop by ASAP!

The Wooden Monkey – Lentil Burger

“Lentils, carrots, miso, garlic, onions, daikon and oats, served on a 5-organic grain pita with lettuce, tomato, and sweet onion honey mustard”

With a location on both sides of the Halifax Harbour, The Wooden Monkey has become a staple for both locals and tourists, who are looking for an organic meal that uses local ingredients. This was one that I was told I should try by a few different people, so I was looking forward to seeing what all the hype was about.

The Lentil Burger doesn’t come on a typical burger bun. Instead, it is served on a 5-organic grain pita, which actually really works for this burger, and it makes the meal more on the lighter side.

The patty has a base of lentils and grains, which gave a great texture, and a very earthy feel to the burger. While the patty didn’t hold together at times, it wasn’t dry and tasted great, which are both wins in my book.

Accompanying the patty was thick slices of tomato, lettuce, and a really tasty sweet onion honey mustard, which worked really well with the patty, giving it a subtle sweetness with a little punch. I just wish there was more of it!

Durty Nelly’s – Veggie Nut Burger

“Arugula, pickle, tomato, sriracha mayo, smoked tomato relish”

I’ve had some pretty great beef burgers at Durty Nelly’s in the past, but I had never really heard much about the Veggie Nut Burger that they have on their menu. Wanting to be thorough in this exploration of Halifax Veggie Burgers, I stopped by to see if this meatless creation could hold it’s own.

I’ll admit that when the burger was placed in front of me, I wasn’t blown away. It did look like this one was all patty and not much else, but looks can be deceiving.

After the first bite, I was very impressed with the patty. Chef Richard gave me a run down of the ingredients he puts in the veggie burger patties, which includes carrots, onions, sriracha, and walnuts (as well as some other items for flavour). All together, the patty was moist, had a great taste, and I absolutely loved the walnuts and the crunch that they gave the burger!

The pickles were a nice touch, and if you’re a tomato fan, you’re going to love the two thick slices that they put on top of the patty. The tomato relish gave a really nice smokey flavour, and the sriracha mayo gave it a slight kick. I would have preferred a different bun, as this one wasn’t anything special, but what’s on the inside definitely makes dealing with the average bun easier!

Have a suggestion for a meatless burger I should try for the series? Let me know on either Twitter or Instagram!

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