Burger #6 – Three Little Pigs (Flipburger)

Needing to fill my constant burger cravings, I headed to Flipburger for #6. Located at 1565 Argyle Street, Flipburger specializes in creating unique and delicious burgers. This being my first time here, it was difficult at first to decide which burger to try out but eventually I settled on the Three Little Pigs.


From the menu: “Pulled pork, peameal bacon, Oulton’s double smoked bacon, Canadian cheddar and chipotle mayo.”


Appearance (3/10)

The appearance of this burger isn’t exactly amazing as the burger comes wrapped up and not presented on a plate. However, this is to be expected from a place where you go up to a counter and place your order. The actual burger itself isn’t much too look at either as it appeared as though it was going to be a really messy time. All this being said, appearance isn’t everything, and that is especially true with this burger.


Taste (8/10)

While the appearance of this burger isn’t much to be desired, the taste is a whole other story. This burger is packed with meat and it does not mess around with those pesky vegetables. The pulled pork and two kinds of bacon, which collectively give the burger its name, create a mouth-watering combination that is sure to please any hardcore meat fanatic. At first I thought that all the meat was going to be a little excessive, but that thought soon left my mind after the first bite. Being a major fan of all things meat, I could not get enough of this burger. It was a pretty messy time, but it was worth every meaty drip. Also, for a dollar extra you can add garlic, parsley, and fresh grated parmesan to your fries, which I really recommend because they are really awesome.


Restaurant Atmosphere & Service (7/10)

I really liked the interior of this place. It is on the smaller side, but it just gives off a very urban vibe, and it was a pretty cool place to grab a laid back meal. This isn’t the place to come to if you are looking for a more formal atmosphere, but it is great for meeting up with friends to hang out and grab a delicious burger and/or beer. There wasn’t much interaction with the employees, as the only time you really talk to them is when you place your order, but they were very friendly.

Cost vs. What You Get (10/10)

For this burger, it is going to cost you $8.52 ($11.26 if you want the combo which comes with fries and a drink). This price is amazing for the burger that you get. With the amount of meat that comes on this burger, they could easily charge a lot more, and that would still be considered reasonable. I had absolutely no issue paying this price for the burger as it is definitely a steal.

Overall (7/10)

I would highly recommend going and trying Flipburger, whether it is for this burger or for one of their other creations. It is a very relaxed setting and the price can’t be beat. I definitely plan on returning at a later date to try one of the other deliciously-sounding burgers.

1565 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS
Flipburger on Urbanspoon

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