Burger #5 – Canadian Burger (The Auction House)

Burger #5 brought me to the beautiful Auction House. Located at 1726 Argyle Street, The Auction House features both an extensive food and drink menu. With a very welcoming atmosphere, this restaurant makes way for both a relaxed and formal dining experience. For this burger, I decided to go with the Canadian Burger.


From the menu: “Maple BBQ sauce, topped with Canadian back bacon and cheddar cheese, served on an artisan bun with Auction House secret burger sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickle and crispy fried onions.”


Appearance (9/10)

I was very impressed with the presentation of this burger. This is a great example of someone taking the time and planning exactly how a burger should be presented on a plate. The fries in the mini basket were very aesthetically pleasing, and the burger skewered with the pickle on top made this meal very appealing to the eye.


Taste (4/10)

For the most part, this burger tasted pretty good. I really enjoyed the back bacon and the patty was seasoned nicely. However, that’s sadly where the deliciousness ended for me. I would have liked a more prominent taste from the maple BBQ sauce and the “secret burger sauce” as neither really stood out while eating it. Also, I got about halfway through the burger and realized the crispy fried onions were not on the burger. I asked the server about it and he said that the fried onions were his favourite part of the burger (which didn’t make me any happier about them being left off of mine) and then he apologized for the mistake. The burger was still enjoyable, but the carelessness when preparing it kind of tarnished the experience.


Restaurant Atmosphere & Service (7/10)

The Auction House is a beautiful restaurant both inside and out. Its style is very elegant and it was extremely pleasant sitting in its charming dining area. This was my first time going to The Auction House and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. One thing that was really cool was the auctions that they hold (which is how they get their name) for food items, and each table has a numbered paddle so they can participate in the bidding. When we were there they auctioned off a piece of their chocolate cake and all proceeds from the auctions went to their charity of the month. Our server was very friendly and the only complaint I would have with our service was the wait time between finishing our meal and actually getting our bill.

Cost vs. What You Get (5/10)

The cost for this burger was $14. That is not exactly expensive for a burger but when the only premium topping is back bacon, it could seem a bit steep for this smaller burger. In my case, where my burger was missing one of the more signature toppings, I would have liked to see the server try to resolve the situation somehow, but I’m not going to write this restaurant (or their burgers) off for that one mistake.

Overall (6.25/10)

In the end, I think I have to give The Auction House another try at some point. When I walked in, I was really excited to see what their burger had to offer, because their interior was so nice and welcoming. It is kind of upsetting that my visit this time wasn’t all that I hoped it would be (not that it still wasn’t a nice time), but I think that this was just a fluke, and I feel like this place could be much better on a future visit.

The Auction House
1726 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS
The Auction House on Urbanspoon

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