Halifax Burger Week 2016 – Meet Your Burger Ambassadors!

The glory, the fame, the meat sweats. These are all things that come with the highly sought after role of Halifax Burger Ambassador. As last year’s Ambassador, I know firsthand how awesome it is to fill this role, and it really made my Burger Week a memorable experience. Parading around Halifax with my burger sash and Team LOB, I had people coming up to me everywhere to talk burgers and take pictures, and ask the very popular question: “Are you really going to eat them all?!”. Well, I did eat them all and I lived to tell about it, but with a new Burger Week on its way, it is time to pass the torch on to this year’s Burger Ambassadors!

Given my status as Ambassador Alumni, The Coast asked me to find out more about this year’s new burger-loving Ambassadors, and how they plan on tackling the meatiest week of the year!

BA Chelsey

Chelsey Mock

I am in Sales at Audi Halifax, and absolutely love it! I am also a self proclaimed foodie – I love to cook and go out to try new places! You can follow me and my Burger Adventures this week on Instagram and Twitter!


Colin MacDonald

I am an independent filmmaker, a father and a musician. I run my own production company (Foster Avenue Productions) and I play euphonium with the Second Chances Community Band. I moved to Halifax in 2006 from Stellarton, Nova Scotia, and have called Halifax home ever since. You can follow me through Twitter and Facebook!


Why did you want to be this year’s Burger Ambassador?

Chelsey: I wanted to be this years Burger Ambassador because I have a slight burger obsession, and feel that it would be fun to take on the co-duty of sharing my opinions on the exciting burgers that I will be able to try over the course of Burger Week. I take pride in being a bit of a burger snob, but when I find one that I love I like to spread the word and tell EVERYONE about it.

Colin: I wanted to be Burger Ambassador as I am a life long burger lover, I knew I could offer a honest voice as Burger Ambassador to help guide Haligonians through the overwhelming river of burgers the week has to offer. Personally I wanted to be Burger Ambassador for the opportunity to be shocked and wowed by trying a new burger or two!

Why do you think that Burger Week has become such a popular event for Halifax?

Chelsey: Word is getting around that we have a lot of creative people in the kitchens of Halifax, and everyone seems to be secretly competing against each other to be dubbed “Best Burger of the City.” Burgers are delicious, so it only makes sense (to me anyway) that Burger Week has become such a popular event. It is a very social week where burger-loving-foodies can unite and share their love for burgers over a pint, and a few laughs. Burgers are a big thing all over the place, and I’m glad to see that Burger Week in Halifax has taken off so well.

Colin: I think burgers have the power of both offering a food that is familiar while still being unique and interesting. The burger creations that are invented for burger week offer Haligonians with the opportunity to try different flavours and broaden their palettes in a meal that is familiar and fun.

What was the best burger you’ve ever had?

Chelsey: The best burger that I have ever had? I can’t pick just one, so here is my top 3 in no particular order: 10oz Kobe beef burger with sauteed mushrooms, onions and swiss at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas (I normally don’t praise chain restaurants, but this burger was so delicious I will make an exception.) The Euro Burger at Gordon Ramsay’s “BurGR” in Vegas was literally unreal…truffle aioli, goat cheese, arugula, and oven roasted tomato – need I say more? And last, but certainly not least is a tie between the Old School Burger and The Smokehouse Burger at 2 Doors Down. When I eat the Burgers at 2DD it is best not to speak to me, unless you don’t mind if I ignore you. All of the “best burgers” on my list were still a bit pink in the middle, which is tough to find around here unless the beef is ground in-house. They are so much better this way!

Colin: The best burger I’ve ever had was back in 2009 in Old Montreal. It was a single patty deer burger with a tzatziki sauce on a toasted homemade bun. It was one of the most flavourful burgers I’ve ever had with minimal use of condiments or toppings.

What is your favourite burger topping/condiment?

Chelsey: I can’t pick a favourite burger topping or condiment! For me its all about the perfect combination of toppings that compliment each other.

Colin: My favourite topping is either classic bacon, or pulled pork. I’m also a sucker for tomato relish

What restaurant(s) are you looking forward to the most this year?

Chelsey: The restaurants that I am looking forward to the most this Burger week are: 2 Doors Down, Ace Burger Company, Chives, Stillwell, and Battery Park.

Colin: I’m most excited for The Pressgang and to try their Kangaroo burger. It’s not everyday I get to eat a burger that is brand new to me and I’m hoping it might topple the deer burger as my favourite.

How many burgers do you plan on eating, and what’s your game plan for the week?

Chelsey: I’m a pretty spontaneous person, so I am just going to try and get to as many places as I can without making too much of a plan. I plan on sharing with friends so that I don’t turn into a Burger.

Colin: My plan of attack is to hit up burgers for lunch throughout the week and then to venture further for suppers in the evening. It’s my goal to do 14 burgers over the week!

Any final thoughts for all the burger-hungry Haligonians out there?

Chelsey: I encourage all of the Burger hungry Haligonians to get out there and try some of our local burger talent. Say NO to frozen patties!

Colin: Get out, have fun! Find a new restaurant to try, it might become your favourite and make sure to always carry a napkin with you.

I’d love to hear from you about anything Halifax Burger Week! Follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram (@lifeofburgers) and tag me in any pictures, thoughts, or comments you have about the week!

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