Halifax Burger Week 2016 – Burgers 1-6

Burger Week is now in full swing, and everyone is talking about what burgers they love, and which ones fell short. I have been powering through multiple burgers a day, and I figured I would give my thoughts on the burgers I’ve tackled.

My time has mostly been devoted to eating burgers, and laying down after eating burgers, so my thoughts here are mostly going to be right to the point. Let me know if you agree, or disagree, with anything I have to say on the first six burgers (I love a good burger debate)!

2 Doors Down

IMG_7788 (1).jpg

Burger: The Dragon Burger – Red dragon sauce, kimchi coleslaw, Dutchman’s Dragon’s Growl spread and cilantro mayo

Price: $6

Given that 2 Doors Down was in my top three for last year’s Burger Week, I knew that it would be a great choice for the first burger this year. The red dragon sauce was really delicious, and it gave a really full flavour with some heat backing it up. The kimchi coleslaw was the perfect accompaniment to the spiciness of the burger, and it gave a bit of texture to each bite. It was also really nice having the cilantro mayo to cut through the heat. This slider does get a little messy, but don’t let that stop you from devouring this delicious burger!

Robie Street Station


Burger: The Robie St. Breakfast Burger – Pork patty, hash brown, fried egg and tomato served on our house-made butter-bathed biscuit

Price: $6

I think making a breakfast-friendly burger is a great idea, as it lets those that want as many burgers as possible fit yet another one in (although I have experience a regular burger for breakfast, which shouldn’t surprise anyone). This little creation from Robie Street Station had a lot of great elements that made it fit both the breakfast and burger categories. My favourite thing about this burger was the hash brown. It was crispy, and it gave a really great crunch to each bite. The pork patty was seasoned beautifully, and the biscuit was so buttery, and it really was a great choice for this burger. I would have liked a better sauce on the burger, such as a mayo, as it was slightly drier than I would have liked. Other than that, I was pretty pleased with this one!

Ace Burger Co. (Gus’ Pub)

IMG_7802 (1).jpg

Burger: The Drunken Devil – Beef patty, Devil’s Cut bourbon onions, smoked cheddar, pickled mayo and iceburg lettuce

Price: $6

Ace Burger Company is hugely popular among Haligonians when it comes to burgers, so obviously I had to try out their Burger Week creation. Ace likes to keep it simple for the most part, and this burger is no different. The beef in this burger was great like always, and the patty sat on a delicious, lightly toasted bun. The pickled mayo was really tasty and there was lots of it, which in turn gave a creamy texture to the burger. The bourbon onions were my favourite part, and I really liked the flavour that the bourbon gave to the onions. I’m assuming a lot of you have already tried this one, but if you haven’t, it is definitely worth the North End visit.

Temple Bar

Burger: Greek Lamb Slider – Nova Scotia ground lamb and braised shoulder, tzatziki, Valley feta, roasted bell peppers, sundried tomato aioli and kalamata olives

Price: $6

Temple Bar is one of the newest spots in downtown Halifax, and it seems to be a hit so far. I was a little unsure how they were going to handle Burger Week, given the small size of both the dining area and kitchen, so I made sure to be one of the first people there at opening on Day 1. It’s safe to say that they are able to hold it down here, no matter how busy they are, and this burger just speaks to how awesome this place is. The lamb was cooked perfectly, and tasted great. As someone that doesn’t overly enjoy feta, I was happy to find that there was a perfect amount on this burger so it didn’t overpower anything else. The aioli was so flavourful, and there was tons of tzatziki, which was very pleasing (I love tzatziki!)

Lamb isn’t chosen very often by restaurants for Burger Week, so it’s a special treat when it shows up. This burger was really nice, and it should be on your list to try!

The Argyle


Burger: Jalapeno Popper Burger – Beer-battered cream-cheese-stuffed jalapenos, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, chipotle mayo, Oulton’s beef and Monterey Jack cheese

Price: $9 with $1 going to Feed Nova Scotia

I really like jalapeno poppers, so when I read this burger’s description, it was a no-brainer. The popper on my burger was really big, which wasn’t the case for the other burger at the table, and was stuffed full of cream cheese. I did enjoy the popper, as well as the chipotle mayo, but everything else about the burger was so-so. The bun wasn’t anything special, and it reminded me of a store-bought one. The patty did have a bit of a char on it, but I found that the beef seemed to be really overworked. I could also tell that this burger was rushed, and I get that it’s an insanely busy time for the kitchen, but that shouldn’t show through in the food (or in the staff for that matter, which was also the case).

Stubborn Goat


Burger: Beef “Burg-Uignon” Slider – Their house-made version of the classic beef bourguignon with roasted garlic aioli, mushroom and pearl onion jus, truffled pomme frites, house pickle and mozza on an Oulton’s beef patty

Price: $6 (add a second slider for $4)

I had heard a lot of great things about this one on social media, so I couldn’t wait to try it for myself. After a couple of bites, my first thought was that this was like a home cooked meal in the form of a burger. The mushroom and pearl onion jus was so rich and savoury, and it was just dripping off my burger. I loved the crunch of the pomme frites, and the bun was perfectly toasted. The garlic aioli was exactly what this slider needed to bring all the flavours together into one cohesive, and delicious, taste. I would have liked the patty slightly less done, but in this case, that issue is very small compared to everything else.

I’ve got to give it up to Stubborn Goat and this awesome slider they’ve created, and I would be completely fine with a full-size version making it on to their regular menu (wink wink, nudge nudge).

I’d love to hear from you about anything Halifax Burger Week! Follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram (@lifeofburgers) and tag me in any pictures, thoughts, or comments you have about the week!

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