Halifax Burger Week 2016 Wrap-Up

Burger squirrels, burger cars, and burger heat. These were all things that could be found throughout Halifax during this year’s Burger Week. With a whopping 79 restaurants participating this year, the choices were endless for those looking for a good burger, and the list of restaurants that really stepped up is a long one!

While this year I didn’t tackle every burger like last year (burgers can get pricey when you don’t have that Ambassador title), I still had a pretty successful Burger Week. I got to interview this year’s Burger Ambassadors, which you can read here, and numerous restaurants let me come in for a sneak peek of their burger before the week even began!

This year I got to preview 13 burgers, and through Burger Week I ate another 22, making for 35 whole burgers that I got to try out. I was really amazed with all the delicious burgers that I ate this year, and picking my top choices was not an easy task. However, I have finally come to a decision on which ones, just narrowly, beat out the rest this year, in my opinion.

Here are my Top 3 burgers, as well as some honourable mentions, from Halifax Burger Week 2016!

Top 3

Gahan House


Gahan House has rightfully earned its spot in my Top 3 again this year with this deliciously well-rounded burger. From the juicy beef patty to the crunchy in-house coleslaw, this creation had perfect portions of all the different components between the buns. They all complemented each other beautifully, and this is a burger that I would eat again and again!



You don’t always have to go crazy when deciding what to put on a burger, and the Canadiana Burger from Stillwell proves that sometimes, simple is the way to go. The huge strips of bacon draw you into this burger, and the juiciness of the patty makes you want more and more. Stillwell’s own processed cheese smothers the patty in that gooeyness that everyone loves, and the pickles bring this burger to life. I’m really glad I got to experience the awesomeness that is this burger!

Fickle Frog


I’ll admit that I was somewhat surprised by the burger offered by Fickle Frog for Burger Week this year. I know last year they had some issues with the smoke caused by cooking so many burgers, and I got a very rushed feeling during my visit. Well this year they seriously upped their burger game, and this one was crazy good. I love mushrooms and this burger had no shortage of the delicious little guys. There was an impressive amount of mozza, which made for a really cheesy time, and the “Fickleicious” sauce was extremely tasty and I couldn’t get enough of it. The kitchen at Fickle Frog really pulled off a great burger this year!

Honourable Mentions

2 Doors Down

IMG_7788 (1)

“The red dragon sauce was really delicious, and it gave a really full flavour with some heat backing it up”

The Armview

Armview Both

“The fresh jalapeno and corn pico de gallo provided a huge hit of freshness, and they also contributed to that awesome heat you would expect from this burger”

Battery Park


“I really liked the maple syrup coating on the chicken. It was the perfect level of sweet, and it really added an awesome flavour to the whole burger”

Krave Burger


“With it’s sweet and smoky flavours, the jam works so well in this burger as a subtle, yet tasty, addition”

The Local


“The pretzel bun was easily the best bun I had this week, as it had a great taste and texture”

Old Triangle


“The generous pile of pork was juicy and flavourful, and it sat on a soft, yet sturdy, bun”

Primal Kitchen


“The molé coating not only gives the chicken a great texture, it also has a nice full flavour, with a bit of a kick”



“The chip dip is exactly what you want it to be and then some. It is a thick blend of savoury flavours, and it coats every bite you take”

The Stubborn Goat


“The mushroom and pearl onion jus was so rich and savoury, and it was just dripping off my burger”

Temple Bar


“The lamb was cooked perfectly, and it tasted great”

It is worth mentioning again how hard of a decision it was to pick my favourites this year. I went back and forth for days, switching out my Top 3, until I finally was happy with my choices. This just goes to show you how great the turnout was this year!

With that, Burger Week 2016 comes to a close, and I’m back to days that don’t include wandering around the city eating 4 or 5 burgers in a day (for the most part). While most people will be taking a break from beef for a while, I’ve already had some burger cravings, so it’s only a matter of time before chowing down on another delicious burger!


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