Halifax Burger Week 2017 Preview – Part 2

It’s only 3 days until Halifax Burger Week, and restaurants are prepping for the masses that will be travelling around the HRM looking for their next great burger. With over 95 restaurants to choose from this year, there are plenty of delicious burgers for your consideration, and I’m here to give you an inside scoop into a few more of them with Part 2 of the Burger Week Preview Series (you can check out Part 1 here).

Take a look at the beefy burgs being served up at The Barrington, HFX Sports Bar, and The Auction House for the event this year!

The Barrington


Burger: Seven-ounce patty with a stout braised beef croquette, HP mayo, American cheese, bacon, pickles, fried onions and iceberg lettuce, all on an onion brioche bun

Price: $16 with $2 going to Feed Nova Scotia

A newcomer to both Burger Week and Halifax, The Barrington definitely went big for their premier BW burger with a creation that is both nice to look at and a pleasure to eat.

A tender and juicy seven-ounce patty is the base in this classy burger, and it is draped in a healthy amount of melted American cheddar. The HP mayo added a bold layer to the overall taste, and the use of fried onions and pickles provides a nice, crisp crunch to each bite.

While there are a lot of great things about this burger, it should come as no surprise that that star of this show is that stout braised beef croquette. With a crunchy exterior, and a meaty and flavourful interior, this unique addition gives this burger a bit of flair, while still maintaining a high-end feel. For those that are fans of a more fancier burger, this is the one for you!

HFX Sports Bar & Grill


Burger: Busy Bee – A seven-ounce patty with cheddar, bacon and onion rings topped with BBQ honey bacon sauce, on a toasted brioche bun

Price: $10 with $1 going to Feed Nova Scotia

Another new participant this year is HFX Sports Bar & Grill. Titled the Busy Bee, this burger is almost as big as the huge screen above their bar!

The theme of this burger is generous portions. On top of that seven-ounce patty, you will find a towering pile of onion rings, which do make it hard to get a full bite, but I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many of those tasty rings on top of a delicious beef patty! The whole burger is also smothered in a bold and sweet BBQ honey bacon sauce that hits your taste buds with an impressive flavour and makes you thankful you get so much of it.

This straightforward, yet very filling, burger does get pretty messy (you can’t blame a bun for falling victim to that much BBQ sauce), so make sure you ask for extra napkins when you stop in during Burger Week!

The Auction House


Burger: Oats McGoats Brisket Burger – Brushed with an oatmeal stout glaze, topped with pistachio feta cheese, spinach, candied tomato chips and smoked bacon

Price: $6

While burgers are obviously my first love, there is also a place in my heart for great beer, and if you’re able to combine those two things into one delicious meal, you will most likely win me over. Well, this year for Burger Week, The Auction House has done just that!

The Oats McGoats Brisket Burger combines some great savoury flavours that gives it a very rustic feel. The brisket is tender, and the patty is a great size that fits the soft bun perfectly. The team at The Auction House got extra creative and candied the tomatoes that they used, which in turn gives the burger some crunch.

They are very generous with the strong cheese they incorporate in this burger, but my favourite part was hands down the oatmeal stout glaze that they came up with as it really tied everything together while giving a great underlying flavour to every bite.

This is definitely one you don’t want to miss during Halifax Burger Week, and at only $6, it is a complete steal!

Which burgers are you looking forward to trying during Halifax Burger Week? Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to let me know where you’ll be chowing down, and to keep up with future instalments of the preview series, as well as my adventures through this year’s event!

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