Burger #63 – The Smoke Burger (Durty Nelly’s)

Way back in 2014, when Life of Burgers was still pretty new, I paid a visit to Durty Nelly’s one evening where I found a burger that thoroughly impressed me. It was called the Whiskey Smoke Burger, and between the onion rings, the whiskey apple BBQ sauce, and the Guinness honey mustard, it quickly became one of my favourite burgers in the city.

However, it is normal for restaurants to change up their menus from time to time (which can be either really great or a swing and a miss), and unfortunately the Whiskey Smoke Burger didn’t make the cut during one of these changes and I had to say goodbye to a burger that treated me right.

While that one may be gone, it just so happens that there is another burger on the menu that has many similarities to the old one, with a few changes. I stopped by to try The Smoke Burger, hopeful that it would be just as good as the one I had 4 years ago.


From the menu: “Smoked garlic aioli, bacon, smoked cheddar, BBQ sauce, lettuce, pickle, onion rings”


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Halifax Burger Week 2017 Preview – Part 2

It’s only 3 days until Halifax Burger Week, and restaurants are prepping for the masses that will be travelling around the HRM looking for their next great burger. With over 95 restaurants to choose from this year, there are plenty of delicious burgers for your consideration, and I’m here to give you an inside scoop into a few more of them with Part 2 of the Burger Week Preview Series (you can check out Part 1 here).

Take a look at the beefy burgs being served up at The Barrington, HFX Sports Bar, and The Auction House for the event this year!

The Barrington


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Burger #59 – Big Earl (Cheachie’s)

We are now over a month into 2017 and it’s finally time for Life of Burgers to get back into the swing of things by chowing down on some delicious burgers!

I decided for the first Halifax burger of the year, that I would visit a place that has been recommended to me a few different times, but I had yet to give it a try (except for Burger Week 2015). Cheachie’s is known for their menu of Mexican food and burgers, some of which are actually comprised of a combination of two of their regular burgers! Wanting a burger that was a bit more modest, I went with the Big Earl.


From the menu: “Mayo, lettuce, tomato, 8oz. burger, cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings, ketchup & BBQ sauce”

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PEI Burger Love 2016

Back in 2011, PEI Burger Love was created, and while it started out small (only 14 restaurants participated in the first year), Burger Love has turned into a huge event across the Island, and this year there is a whopping 73 burgers to try out!

Prince Edward Island is where I’m originally from, and given my love for burgers it might surprise you to hear that I have never participated in the event before…until now. A week or so ago I found myself back home for a VERY short visit, and I knew I couldn’t leave without tasting as many burger as I could get to.

I have to give a big applause to the Island for really stepping up and showing how delicious Island beef can be. I managed to get to 6 different places during my visit, and it was a damn good time!

The Brick-Inator


“7oz Island beef patty, 4 strips of candied bacon, gouda blend cheese, butterleaf lettuce, onion rings tossed in Frank’s Hot Powder, and house-made ‘The Brick’ sauce on a toasted herb cheesy bun, garnished with onion rings and dill pickle”

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Burger #49 – Big Devil Burger (Baton Rouge)

During Halifax Burger Week, some of the participating restaurants opted to have one of their regular menu burgers be their entry for the week. One of these places was Baton Rouge. The name of this burger was titled the Big Devil Burger, and since no one had anything bad to say about it at the time, I figured it was time to go back and give it its own LoB write-up!


From the menu: “Half-pound of premium beef, fried onion rings, tomato, Swiss cheese, smoked bacon, sweet & spicy BBQ sauce”

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Burger #32 – Smokehouse Burger (Clay West)

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After completing my run as Burger Ambassador for Halifax Burger Week, I had a list of places that I wanted to go back and check out, one of which was Clay West Bar & Grill. Located at 120 Susie Lake Crescent in Bayers Lake, this was one of the spots that I wanted to return to so I could try one of their regular menu burgers mostly because I enjoyed their Burger Week contribution. After a bit of back and forth between burgers, I finally chose the Smokehouse Burger.


From the menu: “Hand pressed 1/2 pounder; bacon strips, American cheese, onion rings, smokey BBQ mayo”

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Burger #23 – Whiskey Smoke Burger (Durty Nelly’s)

Since I started doing this blog, I’ve had a lot of people suggest different burgers to me that they think could be top contenders. One of these recommended places was Durty Nelly’s. Located at 1660 Argyle Street, Durty Nelly’s is a popular spot for both eating and drinking, which tends to be the case for most establishments on Argyle. The burger that I went with for this visit is titled the Whiskey Smoke Burger.


From the menu: “Whiskey apple BBQ sauce, crispy bacon, maple smoked cheddar, Guinness honey mustard, lettuce and tomato on a toasted bun. Topped with two house-made onion rings and served with French fries”


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Burger #13 – Pulled Pork Burger (The Factory)

I decided to take a little vacation back home to Prince Edward Island, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to try out a burger at one of the local restaurants. I went to The Factory, located in Charlottetown at 189 Kent Street. The menu for this place is packed full of many delicious meaty options that are sure to satisfy any type of meat-lover. For this burger, I went with the Pulled Pork Burger.


From the menu: “Hickory smoked pulled pork and a juicy 6 oz. patty with onion rings, cheddar cheese, mushrooms and onions”


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Burger #4 – Moustache Burger (Your Father’s Moustache)

For #4, I went to a favourite place of mine, Your Father’s Moustache. Found at 5686 Spring Garden Road, which is above Rockbottom (see Burger #3), this restaurant and bar has become a pretty popular spot on this busy Halifax street. Not only do they have their spacious dining area, but they also have a rooftop patio (which sadly was closed when we went) for those nice summer days. With a few different burgers to choose from, I decided to go with the Moustache Burger.


From the menu: “Our signature burger starts with a 100% pure beef patty, topped with pulled pork, banana peppers, Swiss cheese, two onion rings, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and our spicy BBQ sauce.”


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Burger #3 – Beef, Pork & Bacon Burger (Rockbottom)

Moving on to the next stop on my burger quest, I headed to Rockbottom for #3. Situated at 5686 Spring Garden Road (underneath Your Father’s Moustache) is this intimate brew pub. The cozy and warm atmosphere is perfect for either date night or meeting up with some friends to try out the craft beer, which is brewed right on site. Having a few different choices for burgers, I eventually decided on the Beef, Pork & Bacon Burger.


From the menu: “6oz beef & pork patty. Topped with cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings, roasted red pepper mayo, lettuce, tomato & pickle.”


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