Burger #10 – Ultimate Burger (Henry House)

Well, I’ve made it to #10 and I’m still going strong! For this burger, I went over to Henry House, located at 1222 Barrington Street, which has become a fairly popular spot for beer and food enthusiasts alike. I had never been inside this place before, but had walked past the outdoor patio many times where everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Having a few burgers to choose from, I decided to go with the Ultimate Burger.


From the menu: “House made beef burger, Montreal smoked brisket, pineapple, cheddar cheese, jalapeños, lettuce, tomato, & red onions”


Appearance (6/10)

The burger came out, and immediately I noticed how packed full of toppings it was. It was so full of different items, that it was almost overkill, but I guess it is called the Ultimate Burger for a reason. One thing that any of my close friends will tell you about me is that I really do not like pineapple (which leads everyone to think that I am crazy). I decided to go with this burger anyways, despite my dislike for the fruit, and when I saw the burger, I was somewhat worried that the pineapple taste would take over the whole burger. That aside, I was eager to dive into this burger so I could taste the combination that these toppings made.


Taste (5.75/10)

After my first couple of bites, I was slightly conflicted with this burger. I really enjoyed the brisket as it added another level of meat and it was actually incorporated in a very delicious way. I also thought that the jalapeños were a nice contrast to the pineapple. That being said, there were a few bites that were too pineapple heavy for my liking, but that could have a lot to do with my apprehension towards it. One thing I was kind of disappointed with was the fact that they didn’t appear to season the burger patty all that much, if at all. I would think that if you are making a burger patty in house, and you are calling it the “Ultimate Burger”, you would throw in a few spices or something. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a pretty tasty burger. I just would have liked some more flavour to be added.


Restaurant Atmosphere & Service (7.5/10)

This being my first time here, I had no clue what it was like on the inside. We entered through the main level door and were told that we had the option of either sitting in the dining room, the pub downstairs, or the patio. We went with the downstairs pub. This place was pretty full of people, but we managed to snag a booth near the back. The interior of this place gives off a very casual vibe, and you feel instantly relaxed when you walk in here. Our server was super friendly and helpful. He was able to answer any questions that we had about the food, and even suggested which desert we should go with, which was the very delicious Sticky Toffee Pudding (highly recommended). Everyone that was dining/drinking here seemed to be enjoying themselves, and that was most likely largely due to the great service that is provided by the employees.

Cost vs. What You Get (8.5/10)

The cost for this burger is $13. This is a great price for a burger of this caliber. It is loaded with toppings and it is very filling, so putting a price of $13 on it, is very fair and reasonable.

Overall (6.94/10)

Despite my few complaints about this burger, it is definitely a good time, and I would recommend giving it a try. Is it the best burger i’ve had? No, but it is jam-packed full of a wide selection of toppings, and they do come together to provide some pretty great tastes in your mouth.

The Henry House Restaurant & Pub
1222 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS
The Henry House Restaurant & Pub on Urbanspoon

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