Burger #11 – Thai Peanut Burger (The Foggy Goggle)

For the first time since starting my journey through burgers, I decided it was time to return to a place that I had been before and try one of their other burgers, for #11. I went back to The Foggy Goggle, located at 1667 Argyle Street, mostly because I had such a great experience the first time, and their kitchen is open late, which was perfect for this late-night meal. For this visit, I went with their Thai Peanut Burger.


From the menu: “Our Big Arse Patty with peanut sauce, caramelized onions, bacon, mustard, mayo, and shredded carrots.”


Appearance (6.5/10)

Immediately, the first thing you notice is the pile of shredded carrots that are stacked on this burger. Having never experienced carrots incorporated into a burger, I was a little overwhelmed by the quantity that was given to me, as I thought that the carrot taste may be too overpowering. The bacon that was covered in the peanut sauce both looked and smelled so mouth-wateringly delicious. I am a man who likes a lot of sauce, and this burger knew just how to fulfill my sauce-hunger. Of course, as discussed in my first Foggy Goggle post, the Foggy Spuds were a must, and they looked just as delicious as the first time I had them.


Taste (8.25/10)

This burger exceeded my expectations in many ways. As I said, the amount of carrots that were on this burger made me unsure about the ratio of carrots to other toppings. However, the carrots were perfect in both taste and quantity, as they really added a refreshing quality to the burger, that was nice and light in comparison to the more heavier components such as the bacon and burger patty, both of which were cooked perfectly and tasted great. The highlight of this burger was 100% the peanut sauce. I was unsure about this sauce, as I have had burgers with peanut butter on them, and I’m not a huge fan as I feel like it always overpowers everything else in the burger. This was not the case with this sauce. While it did have a strong peanut taste, it was far from overpowering. It had a great BBQ-esque taste to it, and I immediately fell in love with the taste of it. It really restored my faith in incorporating peanuts into burgers, and I think that the sauce, in collaboration with all the other toppings, makes for a truly delicious burger.


Restaurant Atmosphere & Service (7.5/10)

I really liked this restaurant the first time I went and this time was no exception. Since it was later in the night, my fellow diners and I had explored a couple other places only to find out that their kitchens were closed. We were happy to find that The Foggy Goggle’s kitchen was still open (it’s even open until 2am on Friday and Saturday). A great thing about this place was the fact that it appeared to cater to different groups of people, as I saw some more “rowdy” people at the bar, while there was still others having a more intimate drink or meal at one of the tables. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful, and made my return experience just as good as the first.

Cost vs. What You Get (6/10)

This burger had a price of $15. This is a bit on the higher end for burgers, but I honestly had no complaints with it, mostly due to the fact that I loved the sauce. It would be nice to see it knocked down by a dollar or two, but honestly, I would probably pay this price so I could have this burger again.

Overall (7.06/10)

Everyone should go and experience this burger. With the combination of the carrots and peanut sauce, it isn’t exactly your typical burger, which is really nice because I always like to see some creative effort when it comes to creating a burger. I would recommend that people give it a try, even if it’s just to experience the deliciousness that is the peanut sauce.

The Foggy Goggle
1667 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS
The Foggy Goggle on Urbanspoon

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