Burger #31 – Southwestern Burger (The Argyle)

Life of Burgers is back! After a couple months of special circumstances (recovering from Burger Week and some major tech issues) with no reviews, I have returned to make it up to my readers!

Now that I’m back, I’m ready for a burger-filled summer, and sharing my findings with you guys. I recently headed back to The Argyle, where one of my favourite burgers thus far comes from. Located at 1575 Argyle Street, The Argyle is one of the many restaurants that are extremely popular during “patio season”. For my second visit, I went with the Southwestern Burger.


From the menu: “Guacamole, smoked bacon, jalapeño, crispy onions and spicy Monterey Jack, lettuce and tomato”

Appearance (7/10)

The first thing you notice about this burger is the pile of onions that are stacked on top of the patty. I also liked the generous amount of guacamole that they included on the burger, even though it probably meant that it would be messier. I was very intrigued by the chopped jalapeños as opposed to whole ones, which is usually what you get on a burger, as it seemed like this would allow for a better distribution.

Taste (6.75/10)

At this point, I am no stranger to a burger of substantial height so it didn’t take me long to dive into this towering creation. I could instantly tell that this burger was going to be fairly messy, mostly due to the generous amount of guacamole that was given (not that I can complain about that). As I predicted, the chopped jalapeños allowed for each bite to have a bit of a kick, as opposed to some bites being really spicy and others not at all. The patty itself was super juicy, which was great, and it also helped out the bun, which was a bit drier than I would have liked. The best part of this burger, in my opinion, was the crispy onions. You would think that given the large quantity that is on the burger that they would be overpowering, but they actually worked really well. They provided a great crunch while still being a positive contribution to the overall taste.

If I had to pick one thing that I would change/add to this burger, it would be the addition of some sort of sauce. The burger itself was pretty tasty overall, but I felt that it was just missing a certain kind of flavour.

Restaurant Atmosphere & Service (7.5/10)

With patio season in full swing (despite some cold days still trying to discourage that), the patio at The Argyle was one of the main draws for this visit. Our waitress was nice, which has always been the case for every time I have been here. The one thing that I did notice during this visit, is that the attraction of the Argyle Street patios doesn’t seem to be as popular as it used to be. I feel that the construction of the new building, which blocks a lot of sunlight, has a lot to do with that. This building doesn’t block The Argyle, but I still feel that it some ways it probably takes away some business.

Cost vs. What You Get (6.75/10)

The cost of this burger is $14. This falls in the realm of average burger prices, and I have no major complaints with it. I do feel as though there could be some adjustments to make it a little more worthwhile, as I have had burgers that have been composed of more for the same price, but I still didn’t mind paying this price for the tasty meal that was given to me.

Overall (7/10)

All in all, this burger was pretty good. The copious amounts of guacamole and onions were great, and everything came together to create a nice burger. I did enjoy the Everything Burger that I had during my previous visit a bit more, but this burger still holds it’s own.

The Argyle
1575 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS
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